Bachelor Degrees in Christian and Bible Studies

A bachelor’s degree in Christian and Bible Studies equips graduates to excel as bible scholars, ministers, youth pastors, and a host of other careers serving Christ.

What are the Career Opportunities in Christian and Bible Studies?

Graduates of bachelor’s programs in Christian and Bible Studies programs possess a well-rounded ability set that lends well to a variety of careers. Many graduates go on to become teachers in the K-12 system. These teachers work as Sunday school instructors, traditional religion teachers, and administrators. The bachelor’s can also serve as a jumping off point for a master’s or doctoral program, providing opportunities in professorships and research. Other careers include ministers, worship leaders, youth pastors, musical directors, choral directors, and church managers. For those students that enjoy research, analyst positions in think thanks and universities are also attractive options.

What are the Requirements for Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian and Bible Studies?

A bachelor’s degree in Christian and Bible Studies are normally four-year degrees that prepare graduates to excel in worship, education, research, and counseling careers. Courses include Old and New Testament surveys, Interpretation of Scripture, and Jesus and Christianity Through the Ages. Professors impart their own research and examination of holy texts to enrich the experience of students as they explore Christian tenants in the church and society.

Christian and Bible Studies Bachelor Degree Programs