Bachelor Degrees in Religion

If you are called to serve your community, are curious about the world’s religions, want to become a priest, or teach others about religious studies, the bachelor’s degree in religion can provide you with the knowledge and confidence to achieve your dreams.

What are the Career Opportunities in Religion?

When you graduate with a bachelor’s degree in religion, you will be competitive for a variety of jobs and careers. Graduates pursue careers as ordained rabbi, priests, or ministers. Another option is to become a chaplain, which is a member of the clergy in the armed forces that serves the religious needs of soldiers, sailors, and marines. Other graduates continue their studies into PhD programs and become professors, authors, and lecturers.

What are the Requirements for Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Religion?

Bachelor degree programs in Religion feature curricula that focus on the history, tradition and cultural importance of religion in the world. This degree develops general academic understanding and critical-thinking skills in the context of religious studies. Most programs are interdisciplinary, meaning they draw upon a variety of disciplines in the humanities fields. Topics explored include Introduction to Religious Studies, Ancient Christianity, Biblical Literacy, The Life and Times of Christ, and Development of Christian Doctrine. Students should have a high school diploma or GED, and might need to take either the ACT or SAT to be admitted.

Religion Bachelor Degree Programs

Theology Degree Programs

Liberty University
AA: Religion
MA: Theological Studies
MA: Worship
Liberty University –One of the nation's leading Christian colleges, Liberty offers numerous online theology degrees, such as Associate or Master's in Theology, as well as Pastoral Counseling, Sacred Theology, or Worship. These programs can often be completed much faster than their campus counterparts from the convenience of your home PC.
Argosy University
EdD in Pastoral Community Counseling
Argosy University –The EdD in Pastoral Community Counseling program from Argosy University is based on religious/spiritual institutions providing a opportunities for human growth and development. The program prepares students within religious communities for personal and professional development, directed toward making contributions to their communities and society. Students will integrate the engagement of knowledge, the development of skills, reflective practice, and research in a manner that prepares the pastoral counselor to address individual and communal development in a responsible fashion.

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