Let’s get intense

I’m a little different from most of my classmates. I’m a transfer student from another seminary. I withdrew from my first school mid-semester, which meant that I arrived at my new school short by a whole semester of credits. If I wanted to get back on track and graduate on time, I had to overload […]

Changing the curriculum for a changing world

Last year, my seminary made some curriculum changes to its Master’s degree programs. The new approach aims to teach students to think in a more relational way by connecting distinct subjects and classes to one another. I’m part of the last year of students to complete the previous program. Once my class graduates, our curriculum […]

What can I do with a Master of Divinity?

Last month, I talked a bit about what the Master of Divinity (or M.Div.) entails, who is a good candidate for this degree, and why it might be useful. This month, I’m expanding a bit more on what you can do with a Master of Divinity once you graduate.

Master of Divinity 101: The Basics

Over the last couple of months, I’ve touched on different types of theology degrees: what they entail, what kind of person should consider them, what benefits they offer, etc. I’ve left one type of degree untouched, until now. It’s the degree I’m earning: the Master of Divinity.

New Year’s resolutions for theology students

It’s hard to believe, but 2016 is here! As a new year is upon us, many of us are making plans to better ourselves. Maybe you hope to be kinder, more conscientious, or less quick to judge. Perhaps you’re resolving to lose a little weight. Or you could be setting a goal for trying something […]

What’s your backstory?

When I first looked into starting a Masters of Divinity program, I wasn’t sure if I was qualified. A couple of years before, I had graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in journalism. I didn’t have the background that I assumed a pastor might need. After doing some research, I […]

Getting out and being part of the church

Studying theology is all about learning more about the divine. When you study religion, you spend countless hours reading about faith, listening to lectures about faith, writing about faith, talking about faith, and thinking about faith. After graduation, the goal is almost always to start a career in the field of theology. Some of us […]

Why not both? Getting a dual degree in theology and social work

A couple of months ago, I wrote about vocation and how ministry happens in unexpected places. It’s not just pastors who pursue a calling—anyone can do it. You’ve just got to match your natural talents with what the world needs from you. That means that anything can potentially become a ministry. Some vocations are similar […]