Let’s Focus On The Heart A Little

Higher education can have a bad reputation when it comes to personal faith. One of the problems is that we spend so much time analyzing, criticizing, reading, and probing that our faith practices tend to be neglected. Even if a student doesn’t believe in anything in particular, I think it is still easy to ignore […]

I’ve Got A Paper Due…So Now What?

I remember how terrified I was writing my very first paper for my very first seminary class. I came from a theater background so I felt TOTALLY lost on what exactly I was supposed to do or where to go. The assignment was to write a Bible study and I was so lost that I […]

Make Room For Life’s Tangents

I was in the cafeteria before class last week when I noticed a group of friends having a lively conversation at the table next to mine. They were passing around the school’s course book and discussing degree requirement. I was having a fun time listening to them talk about the best teachers and giving each […]

My Top 5 Favorite Church Historians

I have recently noticed a lot of postings all over the web on favorite theologians (including a great one on professors on our own website)! Now don’t get me wrong, I love that people are talking about this! Nevertheless, for me, nothing is more exciting than church history. So I thought I would share my […]

Being a “Yes” or “No” Student

As the second semester of the school year starts to pick up, I have started to notice some of my regular stressors rearing back into my life. Most of them are normal things, but this past week I realized one of the roots of my stress is found in my go-to procrastination websites. On any […]

I’m a Woman, You’re a Woman — But We’re Totally Different

There are a lot of things I really appreciate about the experience of studying religion. One of the aspects I value the most is finding theologies that give people power and confidence. For me, I have found empowerment in feminist and orthodox theology. However, I also feel personally transformed and inspired by hearing experiences brought […]

Do You Know Where Your Alumni Are?

  Higher education is changing at a rapid pace and most institutions are working hard to keep up with the changing dynamics of our world. This may surprise you, but one aspect of education that is gaining a lot of traction is the question, “Where are your graduates?”

To MOOC Or Not To MOOC, That Is The Question…

The topic on everyone’s mind (well, in education at least) these days seems to revolve around the Internet. People have very passionate ideas about online classes and their strengths and weaknesses. This can be particularly true for religious education and the unique needs of these students. On the one hand, a religious history course can […]

Some Suggestions On How To Keep Your Head Above Water…

I am constantly in awe of the commitment of graduate students. Many of my colleagues have families, juggle multiple jobs, and I even learned last week that one of my students travels down to Chicago from Milwaukee multiple times a week to get to class! As numerous studies seem to show, we Americans are busier […]