Must-Follow Google Plus Pages for Christians

Community is an important part of Christianity. Getting together with people who share a similar belief system to discuss theology and practice is a great way for Christians to develop their faith and deepen their understanding of the religion they follow. Students of theology can benefit even more by interacting with others who are looking at Christianity through an academic lens. Google Plus provides a fantastic platform for discussions about faith, and there are communities of ministers, Christian book publishers, and more that anyone who is interested may join.

Compiled here are some of the most interesting, diverse, and active Google Plus pages discussing many angles of Christianity. These pages are not being ranked, but are categorized and numbered for easy navigation so that anyone can find the community and conversation that interests them most.

Ministers, Communities, & Groups

Ministers and other members of the clergy are well represented on Google Plus, as are many other Christian organizations, from publishers to Christian finance groups and Christian apologetic organizations. The diversity of the Christian community is what makes Google Plus such a great platform for making faith-based connections.

  1. Christianity

    Christianity is loaded with posts on how to improve your life through faith and they have no shortage of advice, along with useful quotes and inspirational tools. The Google Plus page pulls significant content from their website, but is presented in a way that allows for quick consumption and easy conversation.
    – Connect More: Christianity

  2. National Assoc. Christian Ministers

    If you’re a Theology major preparing to enter the ministry, the National Association of Christian Ministers has useful content on their Google Plus page. The posts detail conferences, “hot topics”, along with useful advice on how to connect with other believers.
    – Connect More: National Assoc. Christian Ministers

  3. Religion – Christianity – Theology Community

    The Religion – Christianity – Theology Community on Google Plus is a great forum to discuss questions relating to God and the Bible and the added bonus is that they have forums in multiple languages to increase the accessibility of material.

  4. Christian Leadership Alliance

    The Christian Leadership Alliance explains how faith in God can contribute to refined success in your ability to help others. Those who are current Theology students can use this Google Plus page to get great leadership advice for leading sermons and more.
    – Connect More: Christian Leadership Alliance

  5. Reformed Theology Community

    One of the largest differences in today’s society is definitely the place religion has and the Reformed Theology Community on Google Plus discusses issues and how we can get it back to the forefront of people’s minds. Posts are very engaging as they discuss various aspects of faith and supplement it with great quotes.

  6. Theogeeks

    Theogeeks is a community on Google Plus where curious theology buffs share links, ask questions, and engage in conversation about faith, theology, and Christianity in the modern world. This community is great for people who are interested in discussing not only historical theology, but the present and future of faith as well.
    – Connect More: Undeception

  7. Christian Women’s Small Business Association

    Christian Women’s Small Business empowers women of the Christian faith to honor God through their businesses and how they lead their lives. If you’re a Christian woman and wondering how to connect your faith more aptly into your life and business, this site is highly recommended.
    – Connect More: Christian Women’s Small Business Association

  8. RBC Ministries

    RBC Ministries works to convey the concepts of the Bible and Christianity to people across the country and world. Their Google Plus page focuses on a wealth of ideas and expands on them in a way that makes them more digestible and interesting.
    – Connect More: RBC Ministries

  9. Candid Christianity

    Candid Christianity is all about asking tough questions and confronting the fragility of faith by tackling meaningful topics that are sometimes shied away from. Anyone passionate about Christian faith can find immense value in this site due to its willingness to discuss many unique facets of the religion.
    – Connect More: Candid Christianity

  10. What Christians Want To Know

    What Christians Want To Know is a site with integrative tools for finding whatever information you might be looking for relating to the Holy Bible. Content on the Google Plus page typically highlight useful Bible verses, stories, study tips, and more. Definitely a go-to site for Theology majors to get a jump on finding a great Bible study resource.
    – Connect More: What Christians Want To Know

  11. T E Hanna

    T.E. Hanna runs Of Dust & Kings, regarded as one of the top 150 most-read ministry blogs in the country. His Google Plus page is loaded with great book reviews and inspirational quotes to keep any reader’s attention, as well as useful content directly from his blog.
    – Connect More: Of Dust and Kings

  12. Kenneth Copeland Ministries

    Kenneth Copeland Ministries is a national ministry effort sharing the gospel through publications, daily prayers, a disaster relief fund, and more. KCM shares daily messages related to ministry through Google Plus and a broader web presence.
    – Connect More: Kenneth Copeland Ministries

  13. Christian Apologetics Alliance

    The Christian Apologetics Alliance is a Google Plus community that discusses various musings related to parts of the Bible and questions others in the community may have relating to God. The Google Plus page is great place to get information on how practical a Christian lifestyle is in today’s society.
    – Connect More: Christian Apologetics Alliance

  14. Reasonable Theology

    Reasonable Theology attempts to take a more realistic approach to defending the theology behind the Christian faith. It’s a great way for Christians to apply the Christian values and doctrine to their everyday life as well.
    – Connect More: Reasonable Theology

  15. Northwest Christian Writers’ Association

    Northwest Christian Writers’ Association is an organization based in the Puget Sound area in Washington State and through numerous writers and speakers, they aim to further educate others and connect them further to God. As a theology major who may be looking for established communities to get active in, this organization is very worthwhile.
    – Connect More: Northwest Christian Writers’ Association

  16. Church of Christ Books

    Church of Christ Books is a fantastic Google Plus page that showcases books rooted in Christian ideals and how they can benefit you and your family. Theology majors in particular should check out this site for unique ways to convey literature to believers.
    – Connect More: Hopkins Publishing

  17. Christian Financial Association of America (CFAA)

    Christian Financial Association of America is comprised of some of the leading investors, accountants, and bankers to support other Christians in their quest for financial security. If you’re a Christian looking to work with other Christians who are on the same page spiritually, this Google Plus page is worth looking into.
    – Connect More: Christian Financial Association of America (CFAA)

  18. Lawrence County Theology on Tap

    Lawrence County Theology on Tap is a great source for academics and individuals in their 20’s and 30’s to have a casual environment in which their faith can be discussed. The Google Plus page details their various outings and ways to get further involved, all while keeping it casual.
    – Connect More: Theology on Tap

  19. Christian Country Music Association Of America

    The Christian Country Music Association of America represents the excited individuals who promote Christianity by implementing its message into country music. The Google Plus page highlights some of the up-and-coming artists as they release new songs and the messages about Christianity within them.
    – Connect More: Christian Country Music Association Of America

  20. Jesus Christ Community

    Jesus Christ Community is a place where Christians can come and discuss all issues pertinent to developing a stronger relationship with God. They often touch on different excerpts from the Bible and explain their meaning, so it’s useful to theologians and churchgoers alike.

  21. Theology Bytes

    Theology Bytes is the ultimate Google Plus page for any Theology student due to their content that focuses on the various contexts that divinity can be studied. The page ties in entertaining popular culture references, introspect on aspects of religious diets, and more for the sake of understanding other religions better.

  22. Theology on the Web

    Theology on the Web details all the information you would want to read on Christianity and is composed of over 18,000 articles, all free. Additionally, it’s very useful for Theology students because of the detailed bibliographies for Seminary level students and ministers.
    – Connect More: Theology on the Web

  23. Truth for Life

    Truth for Life is a page run by Alistar Begg, a minister with an incredible wealth of knowledge regarding Christianity. Content on the site typically focuses on a specific attribute of the religion and gives unyielding perspective on how to apply it to your own life.
    – Connect More: Truth for Life

  24. World Vision USA

    World Vision USA is a humanitarian organization that helps better impoverished communities around the world and survivors of disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, abandoned children, and more through Christian work. The posts on the Google Plus page detail the ways they’re helping globally, often even partnering with other Christian organizations.
    – Connect More: World Vision

  25. Minister Lee Rice

    Minister Lee Rice uses his Google Plus account to post various sermons and has incredible perspective that combines contemporary news with ministry work to make very engaging speeches. Check out his page for tons of great videos.
    – Connect More: Minister Rice

  26. Christian Aid

    Christian Aid’s chief goal is to end poverty and give everyone the equal opportunity to find success and comfort ability, chiefly through the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Google Plus page showcases articles on poverty, how it’s preventable, and what we can do to move forward without leaving others behind.
    – Connect More: Christian Aid

  27. International Christian Concern

    International Christian Concern identifies the struggle that over 200 million Christians face around the world and works ardently to support them through awareness and advocacy initiatives. Posts on the Google Plus page focus on individual cases and explain how we can help others avoid senseless persecution.
    – Connect More: International Christian Concern

  28. International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

    The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews looks to unite cultures and provide a more sustainable future for Israel. Posts on the Google Plus page present insightful information about Israel today.
    – Connect More: International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

  29. Christian Camp and Conference Association

    The Christian Camp and Conference Association holds annual events in Colorado Springs that has a refined focus on subjects within Christianity. The idea is to come away from these conferences with a better ability to serve the communities these people come from. The Google Plus page has videos from the camp, useful facts, and good pieces to understand Christianity better as a whole.
    – Connect More: Christian Camp and Conference Association

  30. Kevin Purcell

    Kevin Purcell is a pastor at High Peak Baptist Church and also writes for Christian Computing Magazine, among other publications and websites. What makes his Google Plus page so fascinating is the way he brings together the subjects of technology and religion. For Christians who want to read up on the latest technologies, his page is highly recommended.
    – Connect More: Kevin Purcell

  31. In Touch Ministries

    In Touch Ministries is the official teaching ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley and gives wonderful perspective on how to get our lives more in tune with God and ourselves. The site is updated very regularly through podcasts and in-depth articles on the Christian lifestyle.
    – Connect More: In Touch Ministries

  32. Mary Fairchild

    Mary Fairchild runs the Christianity page on and also a personal site at where she provides encouragement for others involved in ministry. She posts great articles on her Google Plus page on any number of subjects relating to Christianity and finding your way with God.
    – Connect More: Revel in the Rubble

  33. Engineering Ministries International

    Engineering Ministries International works with Christian organizations across the world to equip them with architects, engineers, and surveyors to develop plans to develop and improve organizational infrastructure. Posts on the Google Plus page highlight the various projects they’re working on and the need for volunteers.
    – Connect More: Designing a World of Hope

  34. Phoenix Minister

    Phoenix Minister Reverend Amy Miller has presided over numerous weddings and her Google Page is a great resource for theology students to see how they can get involved in being a part of the best day of many people’s lives.
    – Connect More: Phoenix Wedding Minister

  35. Dead Theologians Society

    The Dead Theologians Society is based at Lancaster Bible College meets regularly to discuss issues within the community of theology at-large and the great posts on the Google Plus page are often commentary on issues to supplement discussions from the meetings.
    – Connect More: Dead Theologians Society

  36. Kingdom Impact Ministry

    Kingdom Impact Ministry’s Google Plus page gives incredibly useful advice on what it’s like to be a Christian today and useful ways we can foster a better relationship with God, notably through the posts on their site that often discuss the Holy Spirit and great Bible quotes.

  37. Robert Gonzales

    Robert Gonzales works at the Reformed Baptist Seminary and uses his Google Plus page to give valuable perspective on how to better implement Christianity and God into everyday life. His Google Plus page often pulls great content from his personal website and provides a useful philosophical perspective on a number of issues related to Jesus.


Magazines & Publishers

Christian publishing houses and magazines run some of the most active Christian pages on Google Plus, and they often share links to must-read articles and other publications a student of theology would find of interest.

  1. Christianity Today

    Christianity Today is an evangelical magazine with readers around the world and focuses on issues Christians face on a day-to-day basis. Posts on the Google Plus page typically look at how we can best foster a relationship at God, while also viewing our own lives through a Christian context to live happier.
    – Connect More: Christianity Today

  2. Christianbook

    Christian Book Distributors is the world’s largest distributor of Christian products, so you can be sure to find any academic text you need on their site. The Google Plus page has interviews with those active in the church, Christian music videos, inspirational quotes, and other content Christians will find useful.
    – Connect More: Christianbook

  3. New Leaf Publishing Group

    If you’re looking to publish a book with Christian thematic elements, New Leaf Publishing Group has an impressive array of options for those looking of promote a biblical worldview. The Google Plus page showcases some of the books they publish, so you can get a comprehensive picture of what it’s like to work with them.
    – Connect More: New Leaf Publishing Group

  4. Christian Women Lifestyle xPress Online Magazine

    Christian Women Lifestyle xPress Online gives women all the content they need to connect with other women and talk about God. The Google Plus pages keep readers up to date on the latest developments, which include a Christian Talk Show.
    – Connect More: Christian Women Lifestyle xPress Online Magazine

  5. Live Bold Magazine

    Live Bold Magazine is a magazine for men that aims to connect religion to their lives in much more subtle ways compared to many other publications. They emphasize connecting topics such as sports, devotionals, motivation, ministry leadership, mission work, the outdoors, and many other subjects. It’s a great way for Theology students to see how they can preach in a more contemporary manner.
    – Connect More: Live Bold Magazine

  6. Gospel Literature Service

    Gospel Literature Service helps to enable Christian literature to have a better reach to others. Their work has helped educate countless people on useful ways to spread Christianity through literature.
    – Connect More: Gospel Literature Service

  7. Church Of God In Christ Publishing House

    Church of God In Christ Publishing House helps other Christians get all the need-to-know information regarding becoming a better Christian and understanding your relationship with God better. Google Plus posts are engaging and discuss current events and inspirational Bible quotes.
    – Connect More: Church Of God In Christ Publishing House

  8. Christian Era Publishing

    Christian Era Publishing details some of the most important information relating to Christian texts with insightful commentary that is incredibly useful for Theology majors.
    – Connect More: Christian Era Publishing

  9. Wesleyan Publishing House

    Wesleyan Publishing House uses their Google Plus page to keep readers up to date on all the latest publications relevant to Christianity. Posts also detail useful information for pastors and commentary on various elements of the religion.

  10. Jesus Christ Daily

    Jesus Christ Daily is a fantastic source for a daily Bible quote and picture that help to reaffirm any faith. The Google Plus page is great for any Christian who just needs a little way to jumpstart their faith for the day.
    – Connect More: Jesus Christ Everyday

  11. The Christian Post

    The Christian Post is an incredibly well-managed page that has all the latest news as relevant to various aspects of their reader’s lives. Articles touch on social, political, religious, and personal issues that Christians will find very informative. The Google Plus page has a stream of the latest updates from the site.
    – Connect More: The Christian Post

  12. Charisma magazine

    Charisma Magazine has been a longstanding publication in the Christian community that focuses on aptly providing the best information when it comes to God. Content on the Google Plus page is very impressive, often encompassing health, religion, lifestyle, and many other areas, with a detail to how Christians can manage their lives better.
    – Connect More: Charisma magazine

  13. Gospel eBooks

    Gospel eBooks is a leading eBook seller, often monitoring prices on the Kindle site to identify the best deals for readers related to Christian eBooks. Google Plus posts convey all the latest deals on their Christian eBooks around the internet.
    – Connect More: Gospel eBooks

  14. Crisis

    Crisis Magazine is a wonderful magazine based around the Catholic perspective of Christianity. The site has an exceptional scope of content covered, often detailing philosophical commentary on social issues as they relate to religion.
    – Connect More: Crisis

  15. Deeper Christian Life Ministry HQ

    Deeper Christian Life follows the ministry of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi and his passionate sermons electrify individuals throughout Nigeria to reaffirm their faith. Posts on the site consist of different Bible posts and invitations to get involved in their online Bible studies every Monday.
    – Connect More: Deeper Christian Life Ministry HQ

  16. Body and Soul Publishing

    Body and Soul Publishing is an integral source for information on Christianity and the Google Plus page is dense with some of the most worthwhile Bible quotes. They provide free books to Christians and help authors find the right audience.
    – Connect More: Body and Soul Publishing

  17. Matthias Media

    Mattias Media understands how inundated the publishing world is with literature pertaining to Jesus Christ, so sets a very high standard when releasing new publications. They post very interesting pieces on the current state of Christianity in society as well.
    – Connect More: Matthias Media

  18. CLC Publications

    CLC Publications is a trusted source when it comes to Biblical publications. Their Google Plus page notes some of their new releases and how each book could prove beneficial to you.
    – Connect More: CLC Publications

  19. Ikthoos Magazine

    Ikthoos Magazine is a free local Christian periodical that is distributed throughout Springfield, Missouri. Even if you don’t live in the area, the Google Plus page has plenty of great content on living a life as a more fulfilled Christian in the name of Jesus Christ.
    – Connect More: Ikthoos Magazine

  20. KTIZO Magazine

    Ktizo Magazine focuses on supporting Christians involved in the arts through posts on their Google Plus page that give valuable advice and insight into how to apply creative skills while still practicing Christianity. Their magazine is a stand-out publication and details different aspects of Christian art.
    – Connect More: KTIZO Magazine

  21. Rose Publishing

    Rose Publishing started out modestly by making “Then and Now” Bible Maps, but has evolved into a full-fledged company that prints worthwhile teachings concerning Christian beliefs that are applicable to everyone’s life.
    – Connect More: Rose Publishing

  22. Kingdom Builders Publishing

    Kingdom Builders Publishing helps get the best spiritual resources out to contemporary Christians and church-goers. The Google Plus page showcases the books they’ve published, along with summaries of what they’re about. It’s useful to any theology student who wants to expand their readings.

  23. Lone Rock Publishing

    Lone Rock Publishing is devoted to furthering others’ ability to find stability in their lives and does so through a wealth of Christian literature. Posts on the site consist of blog posts pulled from their site, so make sure to check it out and get some worthwhile information.
    – Connect More: Lone Rock Publishing

  24. Outreach Magazine

    Outreach Magazine is a leading Christian publication that is dense with some of the foremost information in the religion, including features on churches around the country and other ways to keep your church functioning the best. The Google Plus page shouldn’t be missed; they post some of the best church-related pieces from the site on it.
    – Connect More: Outreach Magazine

  25. Sight Magazine

    Based in Australia, Sight Magazine covers issues around the world from the Christian perspective. The Google Plus page has a constant news stream that discusses the most important issues Christians will find interesting.
    – Connect More: Sight Magazine

  26. Christian Focus Publications

    Christian Focus Publications works with people of any age to give them the direction they need in their lives to be successful. Their books focus on the various philosophical and thematic differences in the Bible and presents them in a way that any Christian will find informative.
    – Connect More: Christian Focus Publications

  27. Energion Publications

    Energion Publications works to promote the conversation about Christianity in communities across the world and does so through the variety of books they’ve published throughout their lives. The Google Plus page is incredibly useful due to its commentary on various issues and expositions on publications.
    – Connect More: Energion Publications


Bloggers & Software

From Bible-study software to faith-based blogs, there’s something for both casual readers and serious theologians on Google Plus.

  1. Logos Bible Software

    Logos Bible Software is a great tool that allows for further exploration of the Bible and makes it much more accessible. Theology students can use it to further their education, while pastors and ministers can use it to make Bible study much more effective.
    – Connect More: Logos

  2. Olive Tree Bible Software

    Olive Tree Bible Software aims to make connecting with God easier by helping to make the Bible more digestible and easier to understand. The Google Plus page also posts really great books and useful supplementary information.
    – Connect More: Olive Tree

  3. Got Questions Ministries

    Got Questions takes on numerous insecurities that Christians have in their everyday lives. As a source of inspiration and guidance to countless Christians, Got Questions should be the first place to check out when wondering about anything related to God or Jesus.
    – Connect More:

  4. Reasons for God

    Reasons for God should be the go-to page for anyone struggling with their faith or is casting doubts on Christianity. The Google Plus page is interesting because of their detailed weekly content that presents issues in a unique light and empower individuals to find themselves in God’s light.
    – Connect More: Reasons for God

  5. Ichthus77

    Ichthus77 is a Christian woman and helps others through her Google Plus page by posting inspirational quotes related to religion. The daily quotes she posts will be found useful for any Christian looking to reaffirm a positive message in their lives.
    – Connect More: Ichthus77

  6. Beginning

    Other Christian Pages

  7. David Kjos

    David Kjos runs The Thirsty Theologian, a website devoted to expanding God’s word while also analyzing and providing philosophical critique. Posts on the Google Plus page consist of the best posts from the blog.
    – Connect More: The Thirsty Theologian

  8. Religion, Theology, the Life as a Christian

    Religion, Theology, the Life as a Christian is a blog that chronicles what it’s like to be a passionate churchgoer who is electrified by his faith. Posts on the site look at contemporary issues, as well as Philosophical musings pertaining to various issues.
    – Connect More: Talk Theology

  9. Ligonier Ministries

    Ligonier Ministries enables Christians to refine their relationship with God through books, magazines, broadcasts, conferences, teaching series, and music, all with a focus on reformed theology.
    – Connect More: Ligonier Ministries

  10. Christian Copyright Solutions

    Christian Copyright Solutions tackles the cumbersome publishing obstacle of copyright law. They work with other Christians to ensure they have all the resources to get their work published in a timely manner. The Google Plus page has very informative information on conflict, Christian music, advice for living closer to God, and more.
    – Connect More: Christian Copyright Solutions

  11. Ministry Streams

    Ministry Streams has developed significant resources that enable pastors, ministers, and other members of the church to get training, conferencing, and lectures from the comfort of their own home or office. The content is streamed online, which has allowed even more people to access the material.
    – Connect More: Ministry Streams

  12. Family Christian

    Family Christian is an organization intent on serving orphans and widows worldwide that are in need of support. The Google Plus page provides inspiring Bible quotes and information on Christianity that can be useful to anyone looking to learn.
    – Connect More: Family Christian

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