Getting out and being part of the church

Studying theology is all about learning more about the divine. When you study religion, you spend countless hours reading about faith, listening to lectures about faith, writing about faith, talking about faith, and thinking about faith. After graduation, the goal is almost always to start a career in the field of theology. Some of us […]

The Top 50 Lutheran Blogs

If you are Lutheran and want to find some inspirational resources on the web, consider reading blogs about this religion. You will find many blogs that are written by typical people simply discussing the Lutheran religion, while others are penned by professionals, such as pastors. No matter what you are looking for in a Lutheran […]

The Top 50 Baptist Bloggers

For theology students, it can sometimes be difficult to track down helpful information for various religions. With the invention of the internet also comes loads of useful resources for all people and denominations. However, with everyone seemingly writing a blog these days, it can be a difficult stream to navigate. And while Google and the […]

The Top 50 Catholic Blogs

Whether you are Catholic and enjoy reading the thoughts of like-minded people, or just want to learn a little more about this religion, you should check out Catholic blogs. They range from strictly informative to just plain amusing, and many fall in between these two extremes. Read the following top Catholic blogs if you want […]