Leaving seminary—and still learning daily

I’m a little over a month into my first position as an ordained pastor. Before I started, I knew I would be learning a lot. But let’s just say that expecting information overload and experiencing it are two different things.

What can I do with a Master of Divinity?

Last month, I talked a bit about what the Master of Divinity (or M.Div.) entails, who is a good candidate for this degree, and why it might be useful. This month, I’m expanding a bit more on what you can do with a Master of Divinity once you graduate.

Why youth ministry might mean a degree

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve seen the photos streaming through my Facebook feed: minivans packed to the gills, happy preteens and teenagers smiling together, youth pastors and their groups volunteering. Many of my friends who are pastors and the kids from their congregations recently made the trek out to Detroit. They were there for […]

Flying around the world or walking next door

Little known fact about me: I am a third generation seminarian. While other families might talk about politics, football, or family drama over the holidays, my Christmas family debates have always been about theology, pastoral care, and the life of Christianity. However, among three pastors, two missionaries, three seminary trained pastor’s wives, and me…only one […]

The Top 50 Baptist Bloggers

For theology students, it can sometimes be difficult to track down helpful information for various religions. With the invention of the internet also comes loads of useful resources for all people and denominations. However, with everyone seemingly writing a blog these days, it can be a difficult stream to navigate. And while Google and the […]