Getting out and being part of the church

Studying theology is all about learning more about the divine. When you study religion, you spend countless hours reading about faith, listening to lectures about faith, writing about faith, talking about faith, and thinking about faith. After graduation, the goal is almost always to start a career in the field of theology. Some of us […]

50 Best Kabbalah Blogs & Resources on the Web

Kabbalah, one form of Jewish mysticism, stirs up plenty of controversy amongst religious and secular organizations alike. Some dismiss it as claptrap re-appropriated and regurgitated by the New Age movement and unscrupulous con artists, while others believe that there is a kernel of truth provided students and teachers meet stringent requirements. Others see it as […]

50 Very Insightful Blog Posts on GLBTQ Spirituality

At first glance, one would assume that religion and spirituality gels little with the GLBTQ community and their associated quest for Civil Rights. Considering the very vocal opposition by many prominent religious figures and marginalization of any members who do not conform to very regimented expectations, that mindset is certainly understandable. However, polls have shown […]