Theology, the cerebral pastor, and me

I’m an impatient person. When I was in high school, I tried my hardest to earn college credit before I even picked out my university. I already knew what I wanted to study and what I’d like to do when I was done.

What’s your backstory?

When I first looked into starting a Masters of Divinity program, I wasn’t sure if I was qualified. A couple of years before, I had graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in journalism. I didn’t have the background that I assumed a pastor might need. After doing some research, I […]

Top 25 Religion Blogs in 2012

Theology is the systematic and rational study of religion and its influence, and is also a learned profession obtained via specific training in religious studies. Whether you’re studying one particular faith, or have interest in religion itself, you can learn quite a bit from others searching for the same truths. Anyone interested in religion, or […]

The 40 Greatest Theologians Throughout History

Throughout history, there have been a large number of people who have contributed significantly to our understanding of God and how He works. These theologians have shed light on religious and spiritual matters, and even directed the course of human history. Learning about these theologians can be a great way to help you find out […]

The Top 50 Baptist Bloggers

For theology students, it can sometimes be difficult to track down helpful information for various religions. With the invention of the internet also comes loads of useful resources for all people and denominations. However, with everyone seemingly writing a blog these days, it can be a difficult stream to navigate. And while Google and the […]