The Top 40 Informative Forums for Theology Students and Educators

You don’t have to be studying for a theology degree to be confused about all the different religious and spiritual beliefs out there these days. Everyone from the most devout to the most skeptical can often have questions about the beliefs of others and even their own. And those who are learning or teaching are no exception.

To help connect you with answers, we have gathered the top 40 informative forums for theology students and educators. With a simple visit you can get answers from renowned experts in their field to the average church or non-church goer. So get ready to learn about everything from angels to demons in the below.

The Top General Informative Forums for Theology Students and Educators

  1. Belief Net
    People of all faiths from A to Z come here to connect. There are support groups, hot debates on religion and morality, faith communities, and 36,000+ discussions. You can also find blogs, videos, and even more theological learning on the rest of the site.
  2. Theology Online
    This forum encourages spirited debate regarding theology, religion, politics, and just about everything else. Check out the topic of the day to get involved in the latest theological issue. There are also social groups and even Battle Royales for the viewing.
  3. Theology Web
    Visit here for one of the best theology forums for students. It focuses both on the topic and on campus life. There is also a blog and album with more.
  4. Theology Forums
    Christianity is one of the main focuses here, but others are welcome. You can get discussions on news, creation, cults, and more. There is even a section for entertainment and theology.
  5. Interfaith
    Get discussions on everything from Abrahamic religions to Eastern beliefs on this forum. Both the ancient and modern theologies are discussed. For the latest theological news, check out the main site.
  6. Religious Forums
    Over 30,000 members have come here to discuss theology. Check out the many religious debates and theological discussions with a visit. There are even areas to discuss specific religions.
  7. Religion Forums
    They believe all religions, arts, and sciences are branches of the same tree. See how and why with a visit and a read. They even have a Religions of the World section with much more.
  8. The Hip Forums
    All religions from atheism to Taoism are featured here. Look up by each, or add to the latest discussion. Philosophy is also a topic of choice in addition to theology.
  9. Pew Forum
    Not a traditional forum, it is a useful stop nonetheless for theology students and teachers. Learn the latest poll results in many areas, including theology. You can also find polls in many other areas.
  10. Spirituality and Religion Forum
    Still have a question on theology that isn’t being answered? Then check out the Able 2 Know forums which are specifically designed for that. There is this spirituality and religion forum, as well as many other related ones to keep you busy.

The Top Informative Christian Forums for Theology Students and Educators

  1. Crosswalk Forums
    The massive site is a staple of Christianity, as are the forums. There are several discussions on faith, life, and even fun. The online community also has other ways to interact such as chat and blogs.
  2. Christian Forums
    They keep this forum specifically for Christian theology. History, apologetics, and even current affairs are all discussed. You can even look up sub-items in theology such as origins and eschatology.
  3. About Christianity
    This community is an interactive extension of the Christianity site. Mary Fairchild has worked full time in Christian ministry since 1988 serving in several capacities. You can get hundreds of discussions in the forum, as well as much more from her blog.
  4. Debating Christianity and Religion
    Get into the theological aspects of Christianity on this forum. Science, philosophy, politics, and much more are all taken on. They even have sections for book debates and questions about specific beliefs.
  5. Let’s Talk Bible
    Do just what the title promises in this forum. They have loads of readings and commentaries to follow. Members also publish and share blog posts on a regular basis.
  6. Christian Teen Forums
    Theology students who are teens will enjoy these forums. Sections include The Atrium, Nave, and Advice Clinic. There are even special forums for theological debate.
  7. Grace Centered Christian Forums
    Connect with Christians from around the world here. There are general discussions, Christian interests, and even a special one just for theology. They also offer a Bible search and other related resources.
  8. Christian
    Their tagline is “one spirit, one body, one forum.” Scroll down to get all kinds of discussions. The site also offers devotionals, books, music, and more.
  9. Worthy Christian Forums
    Stop here to get a forum that uses “shalom” for introductions. Highlights include the recent status updates shared on the right-hand column. There is also an Inner Court with more.
  10. Talk Jesus
    Do just that with a visit to these forums. It is for serious Christians who seek Jesus Christ. They also have an online Bible and many other resources.

The Top Skeptic Informative Forums for Theology Students and Educators

  1. About Agnosticism/ Atheism
    Learn the difference between the two with a visit here. Austin Cline has been actively involved in educating people about atheism, agnosticism, and secular humanism on the internet for over 15 years. Be sure not to miss his blog with loads more.
  2. Spiritual Forums
    They created this community for people from all backgrounds to discuss spiritual, paranormal, metaphysical, philosophical, supernatural, and esoteric subjects. Simply scroll down to read the latest, or register to add your own thoughts.
  3. Mystic Wicks
    Learn more about Wiccan theology with a visit here. They bill themselves as an “online pagan community and spiritual sanctuary.” They even have a tools section where you can share tips and tricks for Wiccans.
  4. Darkness
    Get all things occult and related on these forums. Topics discussed here include pagan, Wiccan, new age, mythology, and others. They also have items in the supernatural and society.
  5. Rational Skepticism
    Get “a lifeboat for the rational mind” here. Science, the humanities, beliefs, and even non-beliefs are all discussed. They even have a section just for debunking.
  6. Skeptic Friends Network
    The mission of the Skeptic Friends Network is to promote skepticism, critical thinking, science, and logic as the best methods for evaluating all claims of fact. Members are invited to actively participate with a wide variety of viewpoints. There are also sections on creation, ration, claims lists, and more.
  7. Skeptic
    They promote “science and critical thinking.” The forum has everything from skepticism for kids to UFO sightings. The main site also has lectures and podcasts.
  8. Skeptical Community
    Rants, religion, education, and more make up some of the fare here. Their tagline is “you will never believe what goes on here” and they mean it. They even have a special discussion on frauds, scams, and urban myths.
  9. UK Skeptics
    Get a forum just for skeptics in the United Kingdom here. News and commentary are also featured. In addition to the forum, you can also get blogs.
  10. Alternative Religions
    Catherine Noble Beyer is an educator, illustrator, and web author, as well as a practicing Wiccan. She is also the expert on alternative religions and moderator of this forum. Check out entries on all sorts of alternatives from Baha’i to symbolism. Her blog has loads more.

The Top Other Informative Forums for Theology Students and Educators

  1. Catholic Answers Forums
    Get all the answers to your pressing Catholic questions in this forum. Items such as fish on Fridays and ghosts are all discussed. They even have a Top 20 Questions section with responses to some of the most widely discussed issues within the church.
  2. LDS Forums
    These forums focus on Mormonism and the Church of Latter Day Saints. There is gospel discussion, as well as LDS quotes. You can even get Jewish perspectives on the Book of Mormon here.
  3. Hashkafah
    Stop here for “The Premier Frum Jewish Forum.” There are items for both thinking and living Jewish, as well as “hock.” There are even special sections for married women and opinions.
  4. Ummah Forum
    Get a forum for Muslims with a visit here. There are discussions on marriage, parenting, prayer, and more. You can even check out their radio station with more.
    Similar to the above, this is another discussion forum for Muslims. They have items on politics, elections, and constituencies. The forum is also based in the UK and has more for that area.
  6. Shia Chat
    What’s the difference between a Shia Muslim and the others? This is the forum to find out. There are hundreds of users discussing this and related topics.
  7. Jehovah’s Witness
    Get all things WatchTower Bible and Tract Society with a visit here. Both practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses and those studying theology can stop by to check out the latest discussions. You can also search the archives for the topics that interest you.
  8. Dhamma Wheel
    Stop here for a Buddhist discussion forum on the Dhamma of the Theravada. There are threads for discovering Buddhism along with classical and modern interpretations. You can also find tips for meditation.
  9. New Buddhist
    Similar to the above, this is another forum for Buddhism. Topics here are listed by most current. You can also choose from categories such as Buddhism for beginners and advanced ideas.
  10. Aecletic Tarot
    Visit here to get all things Tarot. The difference between decks and cards are a common topic of discussion. You can also get the history and iconography with a read.

And the above top 40 informative forums for theology students and educators can answer many other questions for those interested in learning more. In addition to reading the latest posts, many offer quick and free signups so that you can post theological topics of your very own.