The Top 50 Baptist Bloggers

For theology students, it can sometimes be difficult to track down helpful information for various religions. With the invention of the internet also comes loads of useful resources for all people and denominations. However, with everyone seemingly writing a blog these days, it can be a difficult stream to navigate. And while Google and the like provide some help, you can literally spend hours just searching for a blog that appeals to you.

To help out, we have provided the top 50 Baptist bloggers for those interested in perusing through religious blogs. From groups to individuals to specialists in a specific area of Baptism, you can find just what you need and much more by taking a look at some of these great blogs.

Top Individual Baptist Blogger

  1. The Pastor’s Perspective: Paul Chappell is so popular, he has added two iPhone apps including a daily devotional and spiritual leadership podcast. The blog itself is loaded with entries on the pastor’s perspective. One of the latest entries was the six ways leaders lose focus.
  2. Bro Brad’s Brief Bible Blog: He is the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Westland, MI. His blog focuses on devotionals, book reviews, and other biblical topics. Blog topics often involve prayers or items of interest.
  3. Detroit Baptist Examiner: Joshua Rivers is your Baptist host on this blog. Topics include news, doctrine, distinctives, and much more. A recent entry was on the arrest of a fellow pastor.
  4. Mainstream Baptist: This is the blog of Dr. Bruce Prescott. He is the Executive Director of the Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists. In addition to blog entries, he also has links to instructional videos and podcasts.
  5. Lighthouse Baptist Church: Stop here for the blog of this church in Loomis, NE. Pastor Mike Szekely has been a part of it since 1999. He endeavors to preach the Word and reach the world across the street and around the globe.
  6. Pastor Joshua M. Irmler: Click here for the blog of the senior pastor of the Ambassador Baptist Church in Fresno, CA. Inspiration, what he is up to, and more are included.
  7. Baptist Today Blogs: Tony Cartledge is a professor and journalist from North Carolina. Entries range on preachers, passion, and much more. You can also follow him on Twitter.
  8. David’s Deliberations: He is a pastor at the Brunswick Island Baptist Church in North Carolina. Blog entries are short and concise. The latest was on managing God’s grace.

Top Group Baptist Blogger

  1. Faith Works: Marv Knox is a professional Baptist blogger. In addition to his blog on the latest goings on, you can also choose from other blogs. There are editorials, opinions, and even a Student Mission Blog.
  2. Baptist Joint Committee: Think atheists are the only ones who want to keep church and state separate? Then check out the blog of the BSJ to see how they view it. Along with blog entries, you can get more on religious liberty here.
  3. We Are Texas Baptists: You don’t have to live in the state to check out the blog. Entries deal with everything from opinion to the latest goings on. Top posts are on a Hispanic Baptist Convention and a parent’s guide to “Percy Jackson.”
  4. Grace Baptist Church Blog: Stop here for this group blog from Saint Charles, MO. They have taken several mission trips throughout the years and share more.
  5. All Things Baptist : Tim A. and others write about the Word of God here. They write on topics of interest to people who are concerned about Christianity and in particular Baptists. There hasn’t been a new entry in a while but past entries are lengthy and worthwhile.
  6. Iowa Baptists: Pastor Brad and others stop here to blog for the Iowa Baptists for Biblical Values. They use the site and blog to stand up and make sure their agenda is heard. You can also read headlines and the latest action items here.

Top Specialty Baptist Blogger

  1. Albert Mohler: He serves as the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. As a church leader, he takes on many controversial topics. You can also view radio or video entries.
  2. Speaking of Faith: Krista Tippett is your host who is the granddaughter of a Southern Baptist preacher. She went on to publish a book of the blog’s name as a memoir of religion in our time. Check out the audio blog for many interesting aspects of many faiths.
  3. Reformed Baptist Blog: See what the Reform Church is all about with a visit here. Keith and others write about various aspects. Blog entries can be on an item in the news, Bible quotes, and anything in between.
  4. The Baptist Blogger: Josh Davenport is a pastor at the Victory Baptist Church in Spencer, Iowa. His specialty is teaching about the history and doctrine of the church. He hasn’t blogged in a while but the lessons are worth learning.
  5. The Museum of Idolatry : Want to know what apostasy has to do with Baptism? Then check out this blog to find out. It contains over 1,100 exhibits available online in addition to blog entries.
  6. Baptist Christian Education: Stop by this Baptist blog to get an education for both adults and children. There are also recommendations for Christian camp. There is also a special section on First Principles.
  7. The Baptist Patriot: If you feel that religion and politics do mix, this is the blog for you. Musings on civil government coupled with Christianity are linked here. There is also Leland’s 8 with the principles of civil government.
  8. Dan Kimball: This lover of lemon jelly is on the staff at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz. He is also a published author of many religiously themed books. His specialty is “vintage Christianity.”
  9. Sean the Baptist: Read about Baptism from across the pond in this blog. Sean was not only born in Britain, but he now serves for the Uniting Church in Australia. He also features several of his works online for free.
  10. Behind the Books: Get book reviews for all of your Christian readings here. It is a blog from the editors at the InterVarsity press. A recent entry was on “The Art of Dying.”
  11. Peculiar Preacher: Get the blog of a biblical Baptist professor here. Dr. Brett Younger spent seven years as a pastor of the Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX. He now serves as an associate professor at Mercer University in Atlanta.

Top Baptist Blogger’s Communities

  1. The Baptist Muse: If Facebook is your thing, stop here for the Baptist version. Create a page just like on the site with photos, videos, and more. The site also has a blog, chat room, and other resources.
  2. The Baptist Brethren : Stop here for an online community of Baptists. In addition to the forum, there are also other tools such as free Christian wallpapers. You can even add a guest post of your own.
  3. Relevant Forums: Get both Christianity and progressive culture in this community. Topics include God, life, politics, and many others. The main site also has loads more.
  4. Baptist Life: This is a gathering place for Baptists worldwide. Categories include a practice forum, covenant, history, and much more. Read or post something of your own after registering.
  5. The Baptist Potluck: Jeff Hallmark and others gather here for two different kinds of potluck. One is food for thought and the other is food for the soul. Click to find out more.
  6. Online Baptist: This is an online social networking site for Independent Baptists. They have entries on contests, support, issues, and much more. There is also a forum especially for ladies.
  7. Baptist Women in Ministry: Meet other female Baptist preachers by visiting here. Get personal stories and much more on the site. There is also a newsfeed and blog with more.
  8. Online Baptist Forums : If you still can’t find what you are looking for, click here. It is a search engine for all things Baptist, including forums. There are special sections for the home schooled, history, ministries, and more.
  9. Stop here to meet tons of other Baptists. You can also meet other Protestants, Christians, atheists, and many others all on one site. There are also sections for health, inspiration, prayers, and even videos on faith.

Top News Baptist Bloggers

  1. The Baptist Standard: A popular choice, it is based in Texas. However, you can get news items for Baptists by state, nation, or world. They also feature faith-based news, as well as items just for Baptists.
  2. The Big Daddy Weave: What do Jimmy Carter, Barbara Jordan, and Martin Luther King have in common? They were all Baptists and are featured on this blog. Check it out to get both the latest news and commentary.
  3. The Christian Index: This online publication is intended to help Georgia Baptists share the good news. However, anyone can visit to read the stories. With five regular columns/blogs, be sure and make time for this site.
  4. The Bible and Interpretation: Dedicated to delivering, this blog contains the latest, news, features, and editorials relevant to the Bible and the study of it. Choose from categories such as excavations and architecture, or check out the most recent news. They update the most popular articles every Friday.
  5. The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies: Get the latest headlines in education here. Journals are available with a click. You can also check out books, papers, audio, and more.
  6. The Baptist Times: This is the news blog to check out if you are a Baptist living in the United Kingdom. It features the latest news, views, and has been published since 1855. They also have Easy Church, a way to help build your own Baptist website.
  7. Associated Baptist Press: There are many subscribers to the online and in print versions of this blog. Categories include world, faith, culture, and even other non-Baptist news. You can also follow them on Twitter or Facebook.
  8. Baptist Today: Baptist news from across the world is gathered here. They also have a classified section. You can even check out the BT blogs.
  9. Baptist Press: The BP has news on sports, in Spanish, and even cartoons. They also have a medial library loaded with photos, videos, and audio. You can also check out First Person with interviews with top officials.
  10. Southern Baptist News: Topix is a site that gathers headlines on various subjects. In this sub-section, news items for Southern Baptists are found. They can even be updated every minute.

Top Baptist Blogging Tools

  1. E-Sword: Get “the sword of the Lord with an electronic edge” by visiting here. It is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package. There are screenshots and more to preview before you download.
  2. NT Gateway: Visit for an award winning web directory of internet resources on the New Testament. Browse or search annotated links on everything connected with the academic study of the New Testament and Christian Origins. The database is maintained by Mark Goodacre of Duke University.
  3. Almost Daily Devotional: Whether studying Baptism or preaching it, this site is a must visit for just what the title promises. Each audio entry includes an almost daily devotional on the Bible. There are 152 and counting.
  4. Bible Stories My Kids Love: If preparing a little Baptist, stop by this blog. It contains Bible stories just for kids. A children’s pastor features them as audio files for easy listening.
  5. The Joshua Project: Need someone to pray for? Then stop here to get information on people from around the world who need your prayers. The site is also available in several languages.
  6. American Baptist Churches: If you need to find a Baptist church in your area, click here. They also have resources on international churches. Also stop by for featured articles and news for Baptists.

Be sure to visit often for loads of new entries on the top 50 Baptist bloggers. You are sure to find a pastor you like, other Baptists to meet, and even churches and ministries in your area.