The Top 50 Catholic Blogs

Whether you are Catholic and enjoy reading the thoughts of like-minded people, or just want to learn a little more about this religion, you should check out Catholic blogs. They range from strictly informative to just plain amusing, and many fall in between these two extremes. Read the following top Catholic blogs if you want to be educated while getting an occasional chuckle.

Commentary on Catholic News

  1. American Papist: This blog is presided over by a young man who lives in Washington, DC. He offers comments on the latest news that affects Catholics, such as politicians’ words, as well as amusing pictures that relate to this religion.
  2. Roman Catholic Blog: Check out this informative blog to get the latest Catholic news and the opinions of the blogger.
  3. Creative Minority Report: Check out this blog for commentary on the latest occurrences in the world, in addition to inspiring videos and pictures.
  4. Edward Pentin: This blogger reports on the latest occurrences at the Vatican, so if you are interested in news that affects Rome, check out this blog.
  5. dotCommonweal: Get updates on general news and news related to the Catholic church at this blog.
  6. Vox Nova: Allow these bloggers to discuss current news pieces that deal with politics, pop culture, and our society in general. Of course it is all from a thoughtful Catholic perspective.
  7. Catholic Church Conservation: Find out the news about closures of Catholic churches across the country, plus updates in general that affect the church.
  8. Mere Comments: If you want to get the news from the Catholic point of view, check out this blog. There are links to various stories with commentary from the blogger.
  9. Roman Catholic Blog: Check out this Catholic writer’s views on the news that affects this religion.

Blogs by Priests, Nuns, Deacons, and More

  1. Overheard in the Sacristy: This blog is run by Father Loren Gonzalez, who is the priest at a church in Phoenix, AZ. He posts inspiring thoughts, and pictures of his trip to Rome.
  2. Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!: Father Philip Neri Powell, OP, Ph.D presides over this blog, which is full of his thoughts on decisions in the Catholic church and political topics.
  3. Standing on My Head: Father Dwight Longenecker is a priest who lives in South Carolina with his wife and children, as he used to serve as an Anglican priest. You can read his inspirational thoughts on this blog.
  4. What Does the Prayer Really Say?: Let Father Z. inform you about what the words that are the cornerstone of this religion really mean.
  5. Thoughts from Martin nr Blackpool: Allow Father Paul Harrison from the UK to express his thoughts and opinions on modern life.
  6. The Deacon’s Bench: Let a deacon in the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York share his thoughts with you. Many of the posts include amusing videos and flat out funny comments that will make you think.
  7. Fr Mildew: This retired UK priest posts his thoughts on many issues, posts book reviews, and asks readers for their opinions on the matters that he brings up.
  8. 1 Franciscan Way: Check out this blog to get the interesting viewpoint of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George. Find out what they have been up to, as well as their thoughts on various issues.
  9. Sisters of the Gospel of Life: This Scottish female religious community features devoted women who live together, pray together, and work hard at the Pro-Life Initiative. Read their blog to follow their experiences, learn more about the faith, and get inspired.
  10. Colophon: A Monastery Blog : These Roman Catholic Benedictine nuns are part of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Oxfordshire. When not praying or going on retreat, they share their thoughts in this blog.
  11. Colwich Novitiate: These bloggers are part of the English Benedictine Congregation. They often post their schedule, recent events, and general thoughts on religious matters here, so you can share in the experiences of these religious women through their blog.
  12. Day by Day: The Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, based in Arizona, Missouri, and Wyoming, invite readers to share in their experiences. This particular blog is kept up by those in Missouri. Check out their blog to find out what sets them apart from other women.
  13. Franciscan Life: If you have ever been curious about the Sisters of St. Francis, such as their viewpoints or daily life, you should be interested in this blog. It is presided over by a nun in Philadelphia.
  14. Hell Burns: This nun in the media tells it like it is, or at least how she and other religious people see it. Find out her take on various matters, and get some interesting perspectives when you read this blog.
  15. Hope-Full Signs: This New Jersey nun from the Sisters of Jesus Our Hope lets readers in on Catholic history, her viewpoints, inspiring experiences, and comforting Bible verses.

Resources to Help You Learn to Live the Faith and Learn About the Church

  1. Faith & Family Live!: Let this blog teach you ideas on how to be a great example of your religion everyday.
  2. St. Ignatius of Loyola: If you want to learn about various theologians, including St. Ignatius, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, and more, check out this blog. It teaches a bit about Catholic history, beliefs, and related subject matter.
  3. Rorate Caeli: If you want to learn what happened on various days in history in the Catholic church, check out this blog. There are numerous postings on historical moments in time, as well as comments on current news.
  4. Catholic Cuisine: It’s much easier to go about your daily life as a Catholic when you have wonderful recipes to go along with it. Find traditional recipes for different holidays, and know how to make fun crafts out of food to celebrate holy days.
  5. New Liturgical Movement : Learn the history of certain terminology in the Catholic church, as well as the basics on important people in religious history when you visit this blog.
  6. Steven Greydanus: If you want to read movie reviews from the perspective of a Catholic blogger, this blog will suit you fine. Check out these reviews before you commit to seeing any new movies.

A Different Perspective

    Conversion Diary: If you are ready to read an inspiring story, check out this blog. Its author was once an atheist, is now a Catholic, and wants to share her experiences and thoughts while allowing readers to give their opinions.
  1. Whispers in the Loggia: This blogger is rather young, but provides a great perspective that Catholic readers will find refreshing and fun.
  2. Catholic and Enjoying It!: Read the ponderings, prayer requests, and amusing commentary written by this author, who used to be agnostic and then Evangelical, and is now Catholic.
  3. Per Christum Catholic Blog: If you enjoy hearing from converts, you will love this blog, which features several of them. Learn more about the religion when you read the posts, and engage in intelligent discussion and debate if you feel called to do so at this blog, which welcomes everyone.
  4. Danielle Bean: This Catholic mother writes about political figures, pop culture, and other topics that tend to affect most people.
  5. The Shrine of the Holy Whapping : These bloggers all met at the University of Notre Dame, and like to share their viewpoints with the rest of the world.
  6. Ask Sister Mary Martha: This nun offers up wisdom for readers who post their religion-related questions. Though she certainly answers each question thoroughly and seriously, she also adds in a dash of humor, making this fun blog an easy read for anyone looking to get a nun’s advice.
  7. Between Heaven and Hell: This Asian American Catholic attorney living in Southern California is a rare find, and you can get his equally unique thoughts from this blog.

Blogs from Regular Catholic Individuals

  1. Mark Shea: This blogger writes for various Catholic publications, and is quite entertaining while being informative. Check out his commentary on pop culture, current events, politics, and more.
  2. The Ironic Catholic : If you want the opinion of the typical Catholic, infused with infectious humor, check out this blog. It is informative yet amusing.
  3. Catholic Fire : This blog discusses a mixture of news, Catholic history, and advice. There is an emphasis on pro-life topics, so expect to learn a lot about this subject when you visit this blog.
  4. Jimmy Akin: If you want some amusing yet convincing commentary on what’s going on the world today, check out this blog. There are entertaining pictures and videos to go along with the blogger’s opinions, and comments by readers are welcome.
  5. Happy Catholic: Read this blog if you are interested in the musings of a regular Catholic who shares their viewpoint on various topics, not all related to religion.
  6. Charlotte Was Both: This blog is primarily made up of interesting pictures that portray Catholic-related things. The blogger posts her comments here and there, but if you typically enjoy blogs with mainly inspiring and thoughtful photos, you will like this one.
  7. Patrick Madrid: This blogger describes himself as “Just another guy with a blog.”If you are in the mood to read the musings of a typical Catholic male regarding religious and other topics, this blog should be right up your alley.
  8. By Sun and Candlelight : Whether your family is Catholic or not, you will likely enjoy checking out the posts by this typical religious family. This blog shares the thoughts, photos, and experiences of this blessed family.
  9. Testosterhome: This is another Catholic family willing to share their experiences with the world. This blogger is a mother to five boys and one little girl, as well as a published author. Get some inspiration from this busy Catholic mom when you read her posts about life.
  10. The Crescat: This blogger offers pictures of Catholic-related things, and typically posts either informative or just funny commentary. Come here for a quick laugh and a little education about this religion.
  11. Wildflowers and Marbles: This is yet another blog about a Catholic family willing to share experiences and pictures with readers on the web. Find joy in the little things, and get an idea of life in a Catholic family when you read this blog.
  12. Shower of Roses: This Catholic mother of six kids shares pictures and stories of her blessings, or children, on this blog. If you want a blog that is easy to relate to for Catholic families, check out this one.