The Top 50 Lutheran Blogs

If you are Lutheran and want to find some inspirational resources on the web, consider reading blogs about this religion. You will find many blogs that are written by typical people simply discussing the Lutheran religion, while others are penned by professionals, such as pastors. No matter what you are looking for in a Lutheran blog, you can find it in the following sites. Check out this list to get everything from sage advice to helpful resources that may help you strengthen your faith more than ever.

Blogs by Lutherans

  1. Sarcastic Lutheran: If you want to check out the thoughts of someone well versed in the Lutheran religion, and you want to add a dash of humor, consider this blog. You will get this blogger’s thoughts on various issues, as well as information about the church’s history.
  2. What If…: This group of Lutheran thinkers takes a hard look at various subjects. The group from Canada throws around ideas that might help the church move forward in many ways, and invites thoughts from readers, as well.
  3. Christian Nature Poetry: Let this Lutheran share her thoughtful poems with you. Some are her own, others are from the Bible or by authors past, but all are inspiring in their own ways.
  4. aMusing my Genius: This Australian Lutheran blogger shares her thoughts on everyday life.
  5. Claimed, gathered, and sent: This Lutheran blogger puts daily life into a religious context, educating readers while discussing everyday events.
  6. This Lutheran blogger discusses books, movies, and life in general, usually with a tie to religion in some way.
  7. CyberStones: This Fort Wayne, Indiana-based blog discusses everything from psalms and seminary to grammar and amusing pictures.
  8. Soul Munchies: This blogger offers movie reviews, books club information, giveaways, and more. You will also just enjoy the commentary on topics about both religion and daily life.
  9. eye on sparrow: Follow this Lutheran blogger to share in his experiences, whether they include moving to a new church, learning new things from the Bible, or reflecting on various religious holidays.
  10. we are what we repeatedly do: Join this Lutheran mother and wife as she tries to get closer to God, typically posting inspiring proverbs and her comments on daily life.
  11. Sometimes Lonely, but Never Alone: This military wife and stay-at-home mom turns to her religion to help her through the day. Read her blog to find out how she does it, and perhaps sympathize with her a bit.

Blogs by Pastors

  1. Lutheran Grilled Cheese: Let this Lutheran pastor from New York comfort you with his words of wisdom, just as grilled cheese comforts him.
  2. Pastor Keith Anderson: Join this pastor as he checks out social media for churches. Few other blogs appear to combine the two subjects, so you could learn a lot from this unique blog.
  3. Darthjedi: This blogger happens to be a pastor, but you can expect to hear about his personal life, his family, hobbies, and occasionally about theology.
  4. Shepherdess Writes : This North Carolinian female pastor talks about sermons, theology, and even the kinds of clothes she believes to be most appropriate for female pastors.
  5. The Lutheran Zephyr: Check out this pastor’s thoughts on religion, his church, and some of his hobbies when you read this interesting blog.
  6. Sivin Kit’s Adventures: This pastor shares his thoughts about religion, food, music, and just life in general. He often finds significance in the small things, which means you can learn from nearly every post.
  7. The Heart of a Pastor: Check out the musings of a pastor from Minnesota when you read this blog. He talks about religious movies, Communion, and other topics that are related to the Lutheran faith.
  8. Life in the Fishbowl: This pastor discusses his family, his life, and his adventures so far in this religion.
  9. Cyberbrethren: Let a Lutheran pastor educate you about the Book of Concord, confessional Lutheranism, and Concordia Publishing House, which is Lutheran.
  10. Rev. Mason Beecroft : This Lutheran pastor serves in Oklahoma, brews his own beer, and talks about various psalms and homilies in this blog.
  11. Ask the Pastor: Whether you have a question or just want to check out the queries of other people, read this blog by a Lutheran pastor to get answers on multiple subjects.
  12. A Pilgrim’s Place: This pastor lives in Florida and discusses his experiences while traveling, great pastors he has met, and inspiring stories.
  13. My Lutheran Roots: This Lutheran pastor enjoys sharing experiences through his eyes, so get inspired while learning something about religion as you read.
  14. Devotions by Rev. Jim Paulson : This New York pastor discusses scriptures with each post, adding his thoughts and knowledge about each so that readers can understand and apply them to life.
  15. The Bible is God’s Word – Lutheran Style: This Orthodox pastor strives to educate readers on matters related to the Lutheran church, his experiences at different conferences and events, and other interesting subjects.

Blogs by Students and Recent Grads Involved in the Church

  1. Captain Thin: Be impressed with the musings of this recent graduate who blogs about many subjects relevant to the Lutheran world. He is also a chairperson for the Board of Evangelism, a group that is a part of Lutheran Church-Canada.
  2. Extra Nos: This Australian blogger has a Ph.D in Theoretical Computer Science, but enjoys studying and talking about Biblical languages and religion as well.
  3. Owl Mail: This Pennsylvania couple is quite involved in both the religion and the web, as one half of the couple is studying to become a pastor while the other half is a graphic designer and developer. They combine both skills in this blog about their life.
  4. RoboPreacher: Let this seminarian explain his thoughts on political issues, his experiences while studying, and religion in general.
  5. Simul Iustus et Peccator: This Diaconal Minister candidate possesses a Master of Divinity, used to be Baptist and then Agnostic, and now writes reviews on various books in his blog.
  6. A Plethora of Ponderings: This female blogger is working toward a Master of Divinity degree, and has decided to record her thoughts on daily life and her religion.
  7. This Week in Seminary: Let these seminary students discuss their thoughts on this blog. You can get an idea of what they have been learning, which is helpful if you are considering enrolling.

Get Support, Sermons, and Resources

  1. Bread for Your Journey: This is a Lutheran community blog that strives to teach the wisdom of various Bible verses.
  2. It’s Only a Northern Blog: If you want to learn more about your faith while also getting to know a bit about this blogger, check out this site.
  3. by the way: This Lutheran community blog is based out of New Hampshire, and teaches readers a bit about religion while offering support.
  4. Sermons @ FLC: If you missed church this week or just want more, check out this blog full of the sermons from First Lutheran Church in Massachusetts. This way, you will never miss out on your regular dose of religious teachings.
  5. Between Sundays : First Lutheran Church has another presence on the Internet. This time, the church’s pastor dishes out wisdom to help you make it from one Sunday to another.
  6. Beautiful Messenger: Reading the online journal of a church in New Jersey may allow you to get a glimpse of essays, commentary on sermons, and inspirational stories by members of the church.
  7. Faith Tools for the Family of Faith: This Pennsylvania-based blog was created to connect with Lutheran families that could use some help, whether in building their faith, communicating with their children, and finding local religious events.
  8. sermonguy: Just as the title promises, you can check out this blog for sermons and commentary that can help you understand what is being said.
  9. Counselor Inklings: This Christian counselor focuses on marriages in trouble, and offers inspirational photos, scripture, reviews, some humor, and more in order to help readers heal.
  10. All for Hymn: As the title suggests, this blog is full of hymns, and includes translations when needed, commentary, and more in order to help you feel as involved in the church as possible even from your computer.
  11. SEDCongregationsAblaze: Bloggers here are encouraged to share their helpful resources with others while also writing about their various experiences in order to help and inspire readers.
  12. Liturgy, Hymnody, and Pulpit Quarterly Book Review: Before you buy any religious materials, check out the reviews from professionals, such as church musicians and pastors. Such reviews can save you both money and time.

Blog by Australian Lutheran Pastors

  1. Things That Cross My Life: This Lutheran minister lives in Australia and shares his thoughts on life and religion in this blog.
  2. Friarpuk’s Postings: Let this Australian Lutheran minister educate you on the Gospel, as he presents various psalms with commentary.
  3. Southern Cross Reformer: This blogger is the pastor for a parish in Australia. He discusses parts of the Bible and puts them in perspective for readers to easily understand.
  4. Glosses from an Old Manse: This Lutheran minister posts his thoughts on his beliefs, as well as a religion in general. He also features resources for Lutherans, such as helpful books.
  5. John Finkelde leadership life church: This Australian minister features amusing pictures, interesting videos, and his thoughts on various topics in life.