Associate’s Degrees in Ministry

Ministry concerns the acts of public worship with a congregation. For those students that seek a background in strong ministry best practices, an associate degree in ministry from an accredited school, like Liberty University or Grand Canyon University, can provide you with the education and confidence you need to begin a career in the ministry field.

What are the requirements for earning an associate’s degree in ministry?

Associate’s programs in ministry increase your ability to lead services, be they secular, religious, professional, or personal. Programs provide a foundational knowledge of the Old and New Testament, allowing you to construct a well-reasoned theology and personal application. Graduates are able to integrate religious principles in critical thinking and decision making, demonstrate awareness and improvement of thinking and learning strategies, exhibit competency in general education subjects, comprehend interpersonal communication skills, and exhibit knowledge and understanding of God’s word. Programs require about 60 units and students must have a high school diploma or GED.

What are the career opportunities in ministry and leadership?

Students who complete the bachelor’s in ministry and leadership are competitive for numerous careers in ministry, worship, church leadership, and education. Graduates often continue their studies in a seminary, where they are ordained as ministers or priests. Others might take jobs as worship directors, worship leaders, youth ministers, volunteer coordinators, or church administrators. Still, others go on to become Sunday school teachers. Churches of all denominations seek qualified staff to serve as worship leaders, music directors, youth ministers, audio-visual technicians, musicians, and volunteer coordinators. With additional education, careers as clergyman as an ordained rabbi, imam, priest, or minister are also available.

Associate’s Degrees in Ministry