Associate’s Degrees in Religion

For thousands of years, humans have turned to religion to explain the world around them, to connect as a society, give thanks, and build relationships. Millions of Americans turn to a higher power for counsel, strength, love, and a sense of belonging. With an associate’s degree in religion, you open up many opportunities to this unique, passionate field.

What are the requirements for earning an associate’s degree in religion?

An associate program in religion from an accredited school, like Liberty University or Grand Canyon University, commonly takes two years to complete. Programs feature courses in foreign language, which is required to understand the primary sources of the holy books. Languages include Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and Arabic. Other courses include Comparative Religion, Religions of the East, and Modern Religion. Prerequisites include a high school diploma or GED.

What careers can I pursue with an associate’s degree in religion?

Graduates with degrees in religion have numerous career options from which to choose. You might pursue a career as a clergyman as an ordained rabbi, imam, priest, or minister. Another option is to become a chaplain, which is a member of the clergy in the armed forces that serves the religious needs of soldiers, sailors, and marines. Another popular career for graduates is continuing the study of religion and becoming a professor. Graduates also take jobs as worship leaders and youth pastors.

Associate’s Degrees in Religion