Bachelor’s Degrees in Ministry and Leadership

A bachelor’s degree in ministry and leadership is designed to prepare students for effective church ministry, provide hands-on experiences in a church setting, develop practical skills, and improve knowledge of Christian leadership.

What are the career opportunities in ministry and leadership?

Students who complete a bachelor’s in ministry and leadership program are competitive for numerous careers in ministry, worship, church leadership, and education. Graduates often continue their studies in a seminary, where they are ordained as ministers or priests. Others might take jobs as worship directors, worship leaders, youth ministers, volunteer coordinators, or church administrators. Still, others go on to become Sunday school teachers.

What are the requirements for earning a bachelor’s degree in ministry and leadership?

Requirements from schools like Liberty University or Grand Canyon University can vary greatly. Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Leadership programs focus on the integration of biblical knowledge, theoretical perspective, and practical application of leadership skills. This curriculum better prepares students to serve their local and global communities. Courses provide a biblical and practical foundation for ministry and include topics in ministry leadership, congregational dynamics, and ministry practice. This degree is designed for students who are actively involved in the local church. Students can choose from several concentrations and programs can require completion of the ACT/SAT, a statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation before granting admission.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Ministry and Leadership