Master’s Degrees in Christian Counseling

If you have a dual passion for psychology and religion, the Master’s degree in Christian Counseling can provide you with the tools you need to succeed in the field of Christian counseling.

What are the career opportunities in Christian counseling?

Graduates of programs in Christian counseling usually find employment in churches working closely with the congregation and greater community. These individuals serve others by providing close-kit counseling from a Christian perspective, relying on the Lord’s teaching as a background for living a better life. This degree affords the graduate with multiple career paths, including camp counselor, housing coordinator, minister, priest, and church manager.

What are the requirements for earning a master’s degree in Christian counseling?

Programs in Christian Counseling from accredited schools, like Liberty University or Grand Canyon University, are designed for those who are passionate about incorporating God, the Bible, and Jesus into traditional counseling. Curricula in these programs start by introducing students to basic tenants of psychology. Courses include Introduction to Psychology, Psychology and Theology, Social Psychology, Counseling Theory and Practice, Marriage and Family Counseling Christian Perspective, Ethics and Law for the Christian Counselor, Crisis Counseling, Group Counseling, Cross-Cultural Counseling, Assessment and Diagnosis, Introduction to Scripture, and Understanding Emotions Biblically.

Master’s Degrees in Christian Counseling