Master’s Degrees in Ministry and Leadership

For those that possess a bachelor’s in religion and seek a leadership role in their church or synagogue, or for those without a religious background that are passionate about exploring a new field, the Master’s degree in Ministry and Leadership is the perfect step towards accomplishing your professional goals.

What are the career opportunities in ministry and leadership?

Graduates of programs in ministry and leadership are competitive for numerous positions in the church family. Jobs in adult ministry are always an option, these individuals work to preach to adult-specific audiences with messages tailored to their challenges and questions in life. For those who wish to work in building, financing, and managing the church, jobs are available in church management. Many graduates continue their studies in a seminary, where they are ordained as ministers or priests. Others go on to become Sunday school teachers and secondary school teachers.

What are the requirements for earning a master’s degree in ministry and leadership?

Courses are structured to meet the schedules and the learning styles of adults who are already engaged in ministry. Programs offer continuing in-service education at the masters degree level for those who are engaged in ministry – pastors, evangelists, missionaries, educators, counselors, and lay workers. Prerequisites include a Bachelor of Arts or Science (or an equivalent degree) from a regionally accredited college or university, a minimum GPA, and letters of recommendation.

Master’s Degrees in Ministry and Leadership