Master’s Degrees in Religion and Divinity

A master’s degree in religion and divinity is a professional degree of the pastoral profession. It is the most common degree granted by seminaries and divinity schools.

What are the career opportunities in religion and divinity?

For many Christian denominations, this degree is the standard requirement for ordination to the priesthood or pastorship. Graduates commonly work as pastors or ministers, serving their communities in the act of worship, counseling, and pastoral services. Some schools, like Liberty University or Grand Canyon University, offer PhD degree programs where graduates can continue their studies and go on to become professors, researchers, and religious authors.

What are the requirements for earning a bachelor’s degree in religion and divinity?

Religion and Divinity programs usually take between 72 and 106 units to complete. Programs include studies in Christian ministry and theology. Coursework usually involves study in New Testament Greek, theology, philosophy, church history, pastoral theology, Hebrew Bible, and the New Testament. Other programs might explore church growth, ecclesiology, evangelism, systematic theology, Christian education, liturgical studies, Latin, Hebrew, and cannon law. Ordination in most denominations requires seven or eight years of education past high school: the first four in undergraduate studies leading to a bachelor’s degree and then three or four years of seminary or divinity school education leading to the masters.

Master Degree Programs in Religion and Divinity