Top 25 Religion Blogs in 2012

Theology is the systematic and rational study of religion and its influence, and is also a learned profession obtained via specific training in religious studies. Whether you’re studying one particular faith, or have interest in religion itself, you can learn quite a bit from others searching for the same truths. Anyone interested in religion, or theology, in general should know that the web offers many great blogs covering all different faiths. Considering factors such as readership, post quality, update frequency, and searching ranking we here at came up with the 25 best religion blogs in 2012.

  1. Intelligent Life

    Intelligent Life is the blog of an adult convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). The author lives in Utah, with his wife and child, and discusses assorted challenges and rewards of living the Mormon lifestyle.

    • Faith Focus: Mormonism
  2. Rachel Star Thomson & Little Dozen Press

    This blog is the home of assorted reflections about writing and life, some of which have a religious angle that reflects the authors faith. The blogger is the author of numerous books of fiction and nonfiction, about which more information is available on the site.

    • Faith Focus: Christian Science
  3. Avakesh

    Avakesh is written from the perspective of a spiritual explorer of Judiasm. The author poses and explains issues of Jewish faith with the curiosity of a mutual learner.

    • Faith Focus: Judaism
  4. Laurie LC Lewis: A View from the Other Side of the Hill

    In this blog, the writer shares her thoughts on the writing and important events. The writer is a published novelist and lives in Pennsylvania with her husband.

    • Faith Focus: Mormonism
  5. Acts of the Apostasy

    This blog is staunchly and unapologetically orthodox defense and analysis of the Catholic Church. The blogger, who lives in Metro Detroit, writes satirically of current events in politics and the church.

    • Faith Focus: Catholicism
  6. Midwestern Muslim

    A doctor and writer, this blogger shares his insights on developments, events, and issues between Islam and the wider world. His stated objective with this blog is to inform Americans about the Muslim experience.

    • Faith Focus: Islam
  7. Mormanity

    This blog is about the life and thoughts of a Mormon living in China. The Author, formerly of Wisconsin, discusses wide ranging topics about the Mormon church.

    • Faith Focus: Mormonism
  8. The Mindsinger

    The Mindsinger is a blog sharing poems, reflections, and inspirational images. The author, located in Indiana, is both a mother and grandmother and has published multiple books, both physically and electronically.

    • Faith Focus: Christian Church
  9. Hindu Blog

    Hindu Blog is devoted to posting information about important events and developments in Hindu Society. The author, who lives in India, writes both informative and interpretive posts about Hinduism.

    • Faith Focus:Hinduism
  10. Enter the Door Within

    Enter the Door Within shares with its readers perspectives on religion life and fantasy writing. The blogger is the Author of 9 fantasy novels, and will soon release a book with Focus on the Family.

    • Faith Focus: Christian Science
  11. Our Daily Gospel

    Our Daily Gospel is an inspirational blog from an explicitly Catholic perspective. The author lives in the Philippines, and posts a daily selection of scripture, either in text or image form.

    • Faith Focus: Catholicism
  12. Connections

    Connections is a blog about the literary insights of an adult, Mormon speed-reader. The author, who lives in Utah, quotes literary passages, usually from scripture, and shares her reflections.

    • Faith Focus: Mormonism
  13. Counting My Blessings

    Counting My Blessings is a non-denominational Christian blog about various Christian Topics. The author writes about her struggles and triumphs of faith as they relate to how God interacts with people’s lives.

    • Faith Focus: Christianity
  14. Daughter of Guidance

    This blog documents the spiritual experiences of a convert to Islam living in Seattle, WA. As a convert of five years, she also gives advice and guidance to other new converts.

    • Faith Focus: Islam
  15. A Chassidishe farbrengen

    This blog, written by a Jewish Rabbi, gives detailed theological explanations of Jewish Law and Custom. The blog posts cite specific laws and pieces of scripture along with explanation of their meanings.

    • Faith Focus: Judaism
  16. Mona’s Musings

    Mona’s Musings is the author’s personal reflections on her life experiences and her ongoing 30+ year romance with her husband. She writes advice on how to maintain a lifelong romance.

    • Faith Focus: Mormonism
  17. Cradle Catholic Eyes

    Cradle Catholic Eyes recounts the experiences and insights of a lifelong Malaysian Catholic. She writes about her life and faith in addition to posting posting religious videos and songs.

    • Faith Focus: Catholicism
  18. The Evolving Jew

    This blog is written by and about the life of a former Orthodox Jew. He documents his consideration of how both the religion and his own faith are works in progress.

    • Faith Focus: Judaism
  19. Indian

    Indian functions as a beginner’s encyclopedia to the mythology that forms the foundation of Hinduism. It contains menus to explore stories, pictures, temples and more about the religion’s mythology.

    • Faith Focus: Hinduism
  20. Mashiach is coming

    Mashiach is coming is a blog which shares the spiritual (and occasional political) reflections of its author. The Blogger is Jewish a wife, mother, and teacher.

    • Faith Focus: Judaism
  21. The Buddhist Blog

    The Buddhist Blog is not written as a definitive blog about Buddhism, but rather one man’s reflections on his experience with Buddhism. The Author is a Zen Buddhist who lives in Colorado.

    • Faith Focus: Buddhism
  22. Shearim

    This frequently updated blog is about the religious experiences and discoveries of a Jew living in Israel. The author moved to Israel over a decade ago, but documents ongoing surprises and lessons.

    • Faith Focus: Judaism
  23. Progressive Buddhism

    Progressive Buddhism is a group blog aimed at exploring modern Buddhism. The Site is dedicated to finding Buddhism that is in line with modern society and science and isn’t overly restricted by past dogma.

    • Faith Focus: Buddhism
  24. Warfare and the Book of Mormon

    This blog documents the ongoing research conducted by its author. The writer working on a book about the military influences in The Book of Mormon and their impact on the Church of Latter Day Saints.

    • Faith Focus: Mormonism
  25. Abba’s Little Girl

    Abba’s Little Girl contains the story of the blogger’s conversion to Catholicism, and often features inspirational Biblical texts or references as well as personal stories about the blogger’s faith journey.

    • Faith Focus: Catholocism