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Religion has a massive influence on global affairs, from business, to politics, to the daily lives of billions of people, so those who choose to study theology are studying more than just old stories and traditions, they’re studying what humanity is, and what it can become. While students of theology often pursue the deepest knowledge of the faith that they subscribe to, it is important for anyone studying faith and religion to gain a broader perspective on the world’s religions.


Judaism is a monotheistic religion with several thousand years of history. The main text that provides the teachings and traditions of Judaism is the Hebrew Bible, parts of which are incorporated into the Christian Bible’s Old Testament. Though Judaism is a prominent world religion, it has relatively few members compared to Hindu, Islam, or Christianity. About half of Jewish people live in Israel, a place of great historical significance in Jewish history.

  1. @jdforward

    Follow the Jewish Daily Forward for information about Jewish news, opinion, life, and culture. The Jewish Daily Forward is a legendary name in American journalism, and has served as an institution for the Jewish culture since 1897.
    Visit Their Website: Jewish Daily Forward

  2. @Chabad

    Chabad.org shares small jewels of wisdom from the Jewish tradition and historic Jewish events.
    Visit Their Website: Chabad.org

  3. @hayimherring

    Rabbi Hayim Herring is a rabbi, but he also is a motivational speaker, thought leader, author, and futurist. Follow his Twitter feed and look into his website to become motivated and inspired through his writings and his leadership ideas.
    Visit Their Website: Rabbi Hayim Herring

  4. @jewsforjudaism

    Jews for Judaism is a project that focuses on strengthening and preserving Jewish identity through counseling and education. As an international organization, the outreach programs provide Jews of all ages with chances to rediscover and embrace their heritage.
    Visit Their Website: Jews for Judaism

  5. @TheChaviva

    Chaviva GB is a site about conveying to Judaism and her journey navigating life with her background in the religion now. Her posts typically highlight very interesting topics relating to Jewish culture, from influential people, to kosher recipes, interviews, and news as well.
    Visit Their Website: Chaviva GB

  6. @DigitalJudaism

    Rabbi Michael Sommer and Gary Rappeport created a unique way to learn Hebrew in a digital environment. The audio/visual tools include prayer sets, iBooks, flashcards, and study strategies in a fun and interactive environment.
    Visit Their Website: DigitalJudaism.com

  7. @JewishTweets

    Jewish Tweets is a play on words for the blog, Jewish Treats that provides daily pieces of Judaism for its readers. Combining contemporary living with Jewish ideals, the posts are extremely insightful as to the best ways to increase the Jewish influence in day-to-day life.
    Visit Their Website: Jewish Tweets

  8. @JYuter

    Rabbi Josh Yuter of YUTOPIA is the leader of the Stanton St. Shul after being ordained in 2003 from Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. In 2012, the National Jewish Outreach Program acknowledged Rabbi Yuter as one of the “Top Ten Jewish Influencers for creative and strategic use of social media to positively impact the Jewish community.”
    Visit Their Website: Rabbi Josh Yuter

  9. @chiefrabbi

    Rabbi Sacks is the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. He tweets useful information for other members practicing Judaism and explains how to more actively become involved with Jewish culture in today’s society.
    Visit Their Website: Rabbi Sacks

  10. @RabbiJason

    Rabbi Jason Miller is an ordained conservative rabbi and kosher supervisor, and the founder and director of Kosher Michigan. The Detroit Free Press named him “the most tech-savvy Jewish leader,” and the Huffington Post ranks him among the top Jewish Twitter users in the world.
    Visit Their Website: Rabbi Jason Miller

  11. @imabima

    Rabbi Phyllis Sommer typically blogs about interesting applications of Jewish culture into everyday life, as it pertains to parenting and family life. The posts are useful for understanding how to more easily be in line with Jewish culture around the world.
    Visit Their Website: Rabbi Phyllis Sommer

  12. @Jerusalem_Post

    Follow The Jerusalem Post if you want breaking news from Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world. The goal for this publication is to provide readers with an engaging and interactive platform that delves deeper than many current headlines.
    Visit Their Website: The Jerusalem Post

  13. @JTAnews

    JTA is The Global Jewish News Source featuring the best articles, opinions, religious advice, along with arts, entertainment, and holiday tips for making the most out of time with the family.
    Visit Their Website: JTA | Jewish news

  14. @RabbiYonah

    Rabbi Yonah is the executive director of Jewlicious and also a well-known author on Jewish subjects. He’s contributed to The Huffington Post and also helps connect Jewish culture across the world through his insightful work.
    Visit Their Website: Rabbi Yonah

  15. @URJ

    The Union for Reform Judaism helps Jewish youth have a more active role in their religion and the community associated with it by providing many different outlets for them to involve themselves with congregations, holidays, learning, and how to best become involved with social action domestically and abroad.
    Visit Their Website: Reform Judaism

  16. @mosaicmag

    Mosaic is a web magazine with a focus on Jewish thought, culture, and religion. The tweets highlight ideas in Jewish culture and commentary on current and breaking issues.
    Visit Their Website: Mosaic

  17. @RabbiPerl

    Rabbi Anchelle Perl tweets regularly about different developments in Jewish culture and how it is relevant to society today. His tweets provide a useful insight and commentary typically not seen on a number on subjects.
    Visit Their Website: Rabbi Anchelle Perl

  18. @religion_state

    Religion and State in Israel is a news site that provides daily commentary on Jewish life as it pertains to orthodox, non-orthodox, religious pluralism, and more. They provide fantastic Q&A sessions, along with opinions on the latest issues.
    Visit Their Website: Religion and State

  19. @velveteenrabbi

    Velveteen Rabbi posts on different issues as the relate to The Torah and how it can be best implemented into the lives of those practicing. The site is full of poetry and beautiful portrayals of Jewish culture.
    Visit Their Website: Rachel Barenblat

  20. @rabbipete

    Rabbi Pete Tobias writes about being a Liberal Rabbi and also to help educate others on the happenings of The Liberal Synagogue Elstree. He regularly appears on BBC Radio and has also published different children’s books.
    Visit Their Website: Rabbi Pete Tobias

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Islam & Sufi

Islam is the second largest religion in the world, with most of its members residing in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Islamic practice is based on the Qur’an, a holy book that Muslim’s believe to be the unvarnished word of God. The main denominations of Islam, Sunni and Shi’a, have historically had conflict in parts of the world where populations of both denominations live nearby or in the same space. A third denomination, Sufi, has far fewer followers, and is thus less publicized and less well understood to those outside Islam.

  1. @Maestrouzy

    Maestrouzy is a science teacher who shares a blending of Imaan in all lessons. The blog is a combination of Islamic teachings and meditations on current events and on history.
    Visit Their Website: Top Islamic Tweets

  2. @Hadithoftheday

    Follow Hadith of the Day (HOTD) for inspirational Islamic content, which is also reflected in the blog filled with beautiful images. HOTD maintains five distinct ways to receive these reflections, through Twitter, the blog, an app, Facebook, and the HOTD Email Club.
    Visit Their Website: Hadith of the Day

  3. @mediaiou

    The Islamic Online University is Dr. Bilal Philips’ project, and it offers online courses in Islamic studies that are completely tuition free. Launched in 2007 from Quatar, this institution provides free diploma courses to students from over 206 countries throughout the world.
    Visit Their Website: Islamic Online Univ.

  4. @muslimcouncil

    The Muslim Council of Britain is a fantastic site that works on multiple fronts to convey the goodhearted nature of Muslims, while providing useful news for the community, as well as updates from the committee itself. The organization tweets useful articles that promote peace and well-being for people across the globe.
    Visit Their Website: The Muslim Council of Britain

  5. @BritIslam

    The Islamic Society of Britain was established in 1990, and it is one of the first organizations that sought to bring a British flavor to Islam. The organization offers teaching materials for schools, news, meeting places, and events that help integrate this religious tradition into British culture.
    Visit Their Website: Islamic Soc Britain

  6. @IslamicThinking

    Islamic Thought Twitter and its accompanying YouTube channel offers ways to view society, culture, and life in general from an Islamic perspective. The premise is to learn one new thing every day to open minds to a better way of life.
    Visit Their Website: Islamic Thoughts

  7. @AlArabiya_Eng

    Al Arabiya English Twitter feed is the English version of a news site (also available in English) based on an Islamic perspective. The reach is to a non-Arab international audience and to expats to help deepen understanding about Arab societies, cultures, and economies.
    Visit Their Website: Al Arabiya English

  8. @hamzayusuf

    Shaykh Hamza Yusuf is a renowned leader in the Muslim world and is also known for his advocacy in social justice and peace promotion.
    Visit Their Website: Hazma Yusuf

  9. @MuslimMatters

    Muslim Matters (MM) began in 2007 as collaboration among various bloggers to bring attention to Muslim issues, especially in the West. Today, the Twitter feed and its website companion focuses on issues about religion, society, ethics, civil rights, family, and sex education.
    Visit Their Website: Muslim Matters

  10. @tariqramadan

    Tariq Ramadan is a professor of contemporary Islamic studies at the University of Oxford and he also teaches at the Oxford Faculty of Theology. He is an author of a number of books on Islamic perspectives, philosophies, and ethics, and contributes to the debate on Muslim issues in the West and Islamic revival in the Muslim world.
    Visit Their Website: Tariq Ramadan

  11. @Ikhwanweb

    Ikhwanweb is the Muslim Brotherhood’s official English Twitter feed, supported by an accompanying website and Facebook page, and founded in 2005 by Khairat el Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood. This brotherhood offers opinions and views from Muslims about news that matters to the Muslim Brotherhood and its growth.
    Visit Their Website: Ikhwanweb

  12. @muslimvoices

    Muslim Voices is a great site that promotes intercultural dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims through podcasts, videos, public events, art exhibits, and more. The fascinating posts are dense with informative and useful knowledge pertaining to Muslim culture and how it intersects with the world today.
    Visit Their Website: Muslim Voices

  13. @TheIslamicUmmah

    The Islamic Ummah Twitter feed and website serves as educational tools for Muslims and non-Muslims to learn about Islam. The feed serves as a reminder to visit the website, which is filled with information on Islam, including excerpts for the Quran.
    Visit Their Website: The Islamic Ummah

  14. @LostIslamicHist

    The Lost Islamic History Twitter feed is a great way to learn more about Islam’s history from Spain to India. Visit the website, too, to gain insight into Firas Alkhateeb’s resources as he pursues his masters in teaching at Concordia University in Chicago.
    Visit Their Website: Lost Islamic History

  15. @Islamchannel

    Islam Channel is a very useful site for looking at different aspects to leading a fulfilling Islamic life and empowering those around to be best situated for a successful life. Regular news articles are posted highlighting different programs, services, a useful forum, and more.
    Visit Their Website: Islam Channel

  16. @FarazRabbani

    Faraz Rabbani is a teacher at Seekers Hub and aims to better educate others on how Islam improves lives. He focuses on advocating for different Islamic causes and aims to help rebrand to religion in a more contemporary light.
    Visit Their Website: Faraz Rabbani

  17. @islamqa_en

    Islam QA is a question and answer Twitter feed managed by sheikh Mohammed Salih Elmunajjid. This feed is in English, and it is designed to provide intelligent and authoritative responses to any questions about Islam from Muslims and from non-Muslim readers.
    Visit Their Website: Islam QA

  18. @omarsuleiman504

    Omar Suleiman is the Director of Islamic Learning Foundation and is also an instructor at Mishkar University. His tweets look at different outreach efforts and also highlight different Islamic efforts to work with their communities.
    Visit Their Website: Omar Suleiman

  19. @Assimalhakeem

    Assim Alhakeem tweets about spreading Islam and how it is relevant to many different aspects of life. His website also allows for people to post questions if they would prefer not to speak on Twitter.
    Visit Their Website: Assim Alhakeem

  20. @IngridMattson

    Dr. Ingrid Mattson is a professor of Islamic Studies and is well-versed in interfaith relations, particularly between Christians and Muslims. Her tweets look at different news articles relating to Islam.
    Visit Their Website: Ingrid Mattson

  21. @OnIslam

    OnIslam is one of the foremost sources on Islamic issues across the globe. The site is beautifully set up to allow anyone to gain a more educated view on Islam on any subject. The site also has great sources for health & science, politics, family, culture, and more. The site reinforces the focus the religion has on expressing humanity and working with others.
    Visit Their Website: OnIslam

  22. @SufiSpot

    Sufi Spot is tweets different posts as they relate to Sufi and how people can become better involved with the religion through outreach efforts and engaging in discussions.
    Visit Their Website: Naqshbandi Sufi

  23. @RumiRose

    Rumi Rose Naqshbandi is a site that helps make practicing Sufi more prominent in society. The tweets look at different news, creationist readings, teachings, the Heavenly Kingdom, and more.
    Visit Their Website: Rumi Rose Naqshbandi

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The Hindu faith is native to India, and the vast majority of the faiths one billion followers still live in India and adjacent countries. Unlike Islam or Christianity, there is no single god or prophet that all Hindus worship or follow. Many factors have influenced and transformed Hindu throughout its long history, and Hinduism is even referenced in India’s constitution, giving it additional political significance that further muddies the waters. These Twitter accounts cover various perspectives on the large and complex world of Hindu.

  1. @RamakrishnaQts

    Sri Ramakrishna Qts highlights the most important elements of Hinduism with in-depth analysis of the Hindu texts, broken into 5 easy-to-read volumes. Included as well is an informative outline of the history of their publishing.
    Visit Their Website: Sri Ramakrishna Qts

  2. @srimatham

    Sri Rama Ramanuja Acharya established Sri Ramanuja Matham (preaching center) to conduct classes about Vedanta and Tantra in Sydney, Australia. The online information is valuable as well for anyone who seeks more information about Hinduism in a blend of northern and southern Indian traditions.
    Visit Their Website: Sri Ramanuja Matham

  3. @narendramodi

    Narendra Modi is the Chief Minister of Gujarat, a state in western India. Known for his vegetarianism, a frugal lifestyle, and his charisma, this political leader often has been likened to “Yamraj,” the god of death in Hindu mythology. He is a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a right-wing Hindu nationalist group.
    Visit Their Website: Narendra Modi

  4. @SriSriSpeaks

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a well-known and renowned spiritual leader and global humanitarian. His teaches about a violence-free and stress-free society, and his Twitter feed and website reflects that purpose with information about how to live a peaceful life.
    Visit Their Website: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  5. @SwamiDoseDaily

    Vedanta World tweets useful Hindi quotes and events inspired from the teachings of Swami Parthasarathy, an acclaimed Hindu philosopher who aims to extend the practicality of the religion across the globe.
    Visit Their Website: VedantaWorld LA

  6. @HinduismToday

    Hinduism Today’s Twitter feed offers insights into publications provided at the website by the same name. The site affirms the Sanatana Dharma and records the history of a billion-strong membership in this religion.
    Visit Their Website: Hinduism Today

  7. @swami_sivananda

    Swami Sivananda is a site that focuses on different yoga methods and helps those who practice yoga become more readily involved with the proper ways to exercise, breathe, eat, relax, and reinforce positive thinking as well.
    Visit Their Website: Swami Sivananda

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Buddhism is often associated with meditation, Yoga practice, and zen thoughts, and while it is not a “religion” in the traditional sense of worshipping a particular god, the daily practices of Buddhist monks, and the teachings of Buddhist leaders have led millions to pursue this way of life.

  1. @DalaiLama

    His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, has a Twitter feed that frequently updates with wise comments, event news, and other pertinent information surrounding this Buddhist leader. The accompanying website is filled with the Dalai Lama’s speeches, transcripts, teachings, and information on how to meet the Dalai Lama in private or public settings.
    Visit Their Website: Dalai Lama

  2. @thichnhathanh

    Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist who resides in Plum Village, a meditation community that he founded. He is one of the best known and most respected Zen masters today, and he continues to teach, write, and garden in the art of mindful living.
    Visit Their Website: Thich Nhat Hanh

  3. @Buddhism_Now

    Buddhism Now is an online Buddhist magazine, with foundations firmly set in the teachings of the Buddha. Maintained by the Buddhist Publishing Group, formed in 1983, this company offers numerous other books and pamphlets and runs Buddhist workshops and retreats.
    Visit Their Website: Buddhism Now

  4. @OmTimes

    OM Times, with a website offered in English and in Spanish, is a recognized name with a proven track record in the growing Conscious Community. The focus is on holistic and green living with a spiritual self-growth perspective.
    Visit Their Website: OM Times Magazine

  5. @BuddhistGeeks

    If you want to combine Buddhism with your perspective of rapidly evolving tech and an increasing global culture, then follow the Buddhist Geeks. This digital media project offers a free digital magazine and a weekly audio program that feature interviews with teachers from the Theravada, Zen, and Vajrayana traditions.
    Visit Their Website: Buddhist Geeks

  6. @jhalifax

    Joan Halifax Roshi is a Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, author, and anthropologist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has worked in the field of death and dying for over three decades and is the director of the Project on Being with Dying.
    Visit Their Website: jhalifax

  7. @ShambhalaTimes

    Shambala Times is a community news magazine that focuses on Buddhist lifestyles and traditions. The “Shambala Vision” is rooted in the principle that every human has a fundamental nature of basic goodness that can radiate out to family, friends, community, and society.
    Visit Their Website: Shambhala Times

  8. @JewelHeartIntl

    Gelek Rimpoche is a Tibetan Buddhist who shares his wisdom, gained over decades of training since the age of four. Rimpoche travels to give talks, lead spiritual retreats, and offer guided meditations for anyone who will participate
    Visit Their Website: Jewel Heart Int’l

  9. @12stepbuddhist

    Follow Darren Littlejohn to learn more about his best-selling philosophy and the “12-Step Buddhist,” a book based upon a lifetime of seeking and over twenty years of experience in Buddhism and recovery programs. Littlejohn is a certified Yoga teacher, Reiki healer, and a blogger for the Huffington Post.
    Visit Their Website: Buddhism

  10. @LewRichmond

    Lewis Richmond is a highly regarded source of Buddhist teachings, as well as a renowned author, and frequent contributor to Huffington Post’s Spiritual Section. His Twitter is full of useful Buddhist articles, as well as interesting interfaith pieces that highlight the ways different religions can work together.
    Visit Their Website: Lewis Richmond

  11. @enjoybuddhism

    Although Buddhism provides a path for practical philosophy and self improvement, it also can be about the development of greater happiness. Follow this Twitter feed to learn more about the arts, travel, meditations, and gardens that can enhance your life and add enjoyment.
    Visit Their Website: Enjoying Buddhism

  12. @108zenbooks

    An ordained member of Thich Nhat Hanh’s fourfold community offers a blog filled with Zen and humor as well as a growing collection of book reviews on books about Buddhism. Follow the Twitter feed and read the blogs to enjoy a long-time practitioner’s perspective.
    Visit Their Website: 108 Zen Books

  13. @tricyclemag

    Tricycle Magazine focuses on Buddhist life and the culture surrounding it, with posts that frame the religion in a more contemporary light. The site is dense with useful idea, articles, and the philosophical significance of different aspects of Buddhism.
    Visit Their Website: Tricycle Magazine

  14. @Zen_Moments

    Zen moments is all about beauty, and this attribute is spread through inspirational quotes, tidbits of wisdom, and humor through the Twitter feed. The website is similar, but with gorgeous photos that can lift your heart and mind.
    Visit Their Website: Zen Moments

  15. @BabaRamDass

    This is the official Twitter feed that honors Ram Dass, also known as Richard Alpert, and his teachings that are reflected in his “Love Serve Remember Foundation.” Baba Ram Dass has said, “As I no longer travel to teach, I now share my heart in cyberspace.”
    Visit Their Website: Ram Dass

  16. @LamaSuryaDas

    Lama Surya Das tweets a great deal about Buddhism in society and how useful it is for others. He’s an author, speaker, and frequently speaks at events relating to Buddhist culture as it pertains to a contemporary world-view.
    Visit Their Website: Lama Surya Das

  17. @shambhalasun

    Shambhala Sun Space is a site focused on the culture, meditation, and life of Buddhists and provides a great portal to get more information on the religion. Posts are focused on different news pieces and how to most effectively practice.
    Visit Their Website: Shambhala Sun

  18. @Karmapa17

    Karmapa tweets different Buddhist quotes and events, along with news and how to understand the world as through the lens of a Buddhist. Different videos allow further insight into Buddhist culture as well.
    Visit Their Website: Karmapa

  19. @ModernBuddhism

    Modern Buddhism tweets different quotes from Buddhist teachings, as well as from other Buddhist teachers across the globe. The result is a stream of insightful knowledge on their Twitter.
    Visit Their Website: Modern Buddhism

  20. @AjahnBrahm

    Ajahn Brahm is the Abbott of Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery and also is the Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Society of Washington. He tweets different Buddhist quotes and underlines their importance on how people can live more fulfilling lives.
    Visit Their Website: Ajahn Brahm

  21. @BobThurman

    Bob Thurman is a Professor of Indo-Tibetan Studies at Columbia University and is also President of Tibet House US and the American institute of Buddhist Studies. His tweets look at different Buddhist events in New York City and how people can attend different summits and events.
    Visit Their Website: Bob Thurman

  22. @TaraBrach

    Tara Brach is a Buddhist teacher based in Virginia who has taught for over 35 years. Her tweets typically pose different philosophical questions and how Buddhism will best solve them.
    Visit Their Website: Tara Brach

  23. @prisondharma

    Prison Mindfulness is a very interesting site that highlights the usefulness of Buddhism in prison settings, particularly yoga and meditating. The tweets are many times different news articles of prisons implementing yoga and the successes they’ve had.
    Visit Their Website: Prison Mindfulness

  24. @Zen_BuddhismFB

    Zen Buddhism tweets different quotes relating to this particular subsect of Buddhism. Different events and photos are posted as well to help people work on meditation methods.
    Visit Their Website: Zen Buddhism

  25. @againststream

    Against the Stream is a Buddhist Meditation Society that has an intent focus on connecting different sects of the religion with many different classes, events, and retreats. The site is used to foster a stronger sense of community among Buddhists.
    Visit Their Website: against the stream

  26. @LYWA

    Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive is a site loaded with useful knowledge for Buddhists. From teachers to students, from books to audio to video, the site is intently focused on being an increasingly useful site for any practicing Buddhist.
    Visit Their Website: Lama Yeshe Wisdom Ar

  27. @tsemtulku

    Tsem Rinpoche has had a very interesting life and currently resides in Malaysia as a spiritual advisor to Kechara House. Tweets typically look at Buddhist life and many times how its application is tied to contemporary society.
    Visit Their Website: Tsem Rinpoche

  28. @brstream

    Thay Phap Luu is the site for The Plum Village Online Monastery and it tweets different events taking place there, along with many streams of monastery life itself.
    Visit Their Website: Thay Phap Luu

  29. @NyingmaBuddhism

    The Tibetan Nyingma Institute is based in Berkeley, California and is a key portal for the Tibetan tradition to be presented to western culture. The institute regularly tweets about upcoming events, different retreats, and also how to become more involved with Buddhist culture.
    Visit Their Website: Nyingma Institute

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The Baha’i faith is one of the world’s youngest monotheistic religions. It was founded in the 19th century in Persia, and incorporates a great deal of material from the history of other religions in its teachings.

  1. @Bahai_Teachings

    Explore the Baha’i perspective from this Twitter feed or the great blog. The Baha’i faith invites everyone to take part in lofty spiritual principles, including the elimination of prejudice and equality between men and women.
    Visit Their Website: BahaiTeachings.org

  2. @BahaiRights

    If you are concerned about the Baha’i minority and their rights in Muslim-majority countries, then follow BahaiRights on Twitter and engage in their website. This network is composed of Muslim interfaith activists who are engaged in respecting and defending members of the Baha’i faith.
    Visit Their Website: BahaiRights.org

  3. @BahaiDailyQuote

    World Unity Media offers all sorts of Baha’i resources such as audio books and daily inspiration quotes. They are the sole producer of “Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah” on audio, and their materials are authentic, cross-checked, and provided only from authoritative sources.
    Visit Their Website: World Unity Media

  4. @SanAntonioBahai

    Although the San Antonio Baha’i community’s Tweets are protected, readers can visit that organization’s website to learn more about its function and to be invited to follow the Tweets. This community is generous in its offerings of children’s classes, youth activities, and adult study circles that explore the Baha’i faith.
    Visit Their Website: San Antonio Baha’i’s

  5. @Bahai_Quote

    Baha’i Quote is a Twitter feed that offers quotes from the Baha’i faith as well as from other major religions. The link at this Twitter site leads to one of the major websites for the Baha’i faith, offered in six different languages and covering every known aspect about this religion.
    Visit Their Website: Baha’i Quote

  6. @bahaicoaching

    Bahai Coaching pulls together teachings from the Baha’I faith with other encouraging bits of wisdom from a professional life coach and psychologist.
    Visit Their Website: Bahai Coaching

  7. @BahaiNews

    Bahai Baha’I News uses their Twitter to convey the latest news in Bahai and explains the religion to those who are less educated on it. The interesting articles they post highlight an increased prevalence of the religion in the middle east.
    Visit Their Website: Bahai Baha’i News

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Sikhism & Jainism

Sikhism and Jainism are both minority religions in India, with relatively small followings of a few million people, compared to the nearly 1 billion Hindus in the country. Sikhism was founded in the Punjab region, and is practically concerned with social justice issues and equality. Jainism is a religion whose followers are deeply engaged with and passionate about the equal treatment of all lifeforms.

  1. @sikhsiyasat

    Follow Sikh Siyasat News if you want information about Sikh issues and updates on Punjab. The Twitter feed highlights new information on the website, which is available in English and covers news across the globe from a Sikh perspective.
    Visit Their Website: Sikh Siyasat News

  2. @IslamSikhism

    This Twitter feed and its accompanying website has two purposes — to introduce, educate, and invite readers to accept Islaam Sikhism and to help refute any misinformation or distoritions about this religion. If you’re curious about this religion and its practices, this site offers history, argument, theology, and information about traditions.
    Visit Their Website: Islam Sikhism

  3. @SikhNet

    Over 33,000 Sikhs across the globe enjoy the updates offered by Sikhnet, a lifestyle news publication that also provides a Twitter feed. Sikhnet’s goal is to provide spiritual education and resources in a non-judgmental and neutral environment.
    Visit Their Website: SikhNet

  4. @sikh24

    SIKH24 is an increasingly popular site that conveys news articles, popular commentary, Punjab, and more as it relates to Sikhism, including focuses on different parts of the world.
    Visit Their Website: SIKH24

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Various Faiths

The line between faith, belief system, and religion is blurry at best, and at times it is downright impossible to find. Rastafarianism, Pagan practices, Wicca, and other ways of life all incorporate elements that resemble religious practice, and whether a practitioner defines him or herself as religious, faithful, spiritual, or none of the above, is a highly individual choice.

  1. @RastafariM

    Rastafari Movement regularly tweets snippets advice about how to maintain a peaceful and open mind and avoid anger in keeping with the Rastafarian ethos.
    Visit Their Website: Rastafari Movement

  2. @holdingontojah

    Although Rastafarianism is considered more of a movement than a religion, the culture behind this spiritual journey includes an amazing array of music, dance, and revolution. “Holding On To Jah” is a historical film about this movement and tells the story of the roots of Raggae music and the genesis of that revolution.
    Visit Their Website: Holding On To Jah

  3. @TaoQuotes

    When you follow the LaoTzu Twitter feed, you also gain insight into the new website for Rumi, Yoga Sutras, and Gary Kissiah’s book, “Light on Law: A Path to Legal Wellness for Yoga Teachers and Studios.” Gary is an experienced Yoga teacher, and he also practices Zen.
    Visit Their Website: LaoTzu

  4. @PracticalShaman

    Renee Baribeau is known internationally as “The Practical Shaman,” a woman who transforms the mundane into the magical for cultural creatives. Although her “magic” focuses on business, its foundation is based upon spirituality and creative endeavors such as art, music, dance, and writing in a program entitled, “12 weeks to Self-Mastery.”
    Visit Their Website: Renee Baribeau

  5. @WiccaSpirit

    Erin Dragonsong, poet and singer, hosts this earth-based enlightenment and spiritual Twitter feed and accompanying website. Erin came into the Wicca tradition after studying Catholicism, Buddhism, and Native Spirituality.
    Visit Their Website: Wicca Spirituality

  6. @LynThurman

    Join Lyn Thurman on Twitter, where you can learn more about the Soul Path Tribe and about magic, paranormal activity, and other “unexplainables.” Lyn also is a life coach who works with individuals around the world to help them realize their goals through intuitive readings, energy psychology, and law of attraction exercises.
    Visit Their Website: Lyn Thurman

  7. @witchmuseum

    The Museum of Witchcraft is an amazing venue that is celebrating its 62nd anniversary in 2013. Located in Boscastle, Cornwall, England, this museum houses the world’s largest collection of witchcraft-related artifacts and regalia.
    Visit Their Website: Museum of Witchcraft

  8. @paganwiccan

    About Pagan/Wiccan looks at Paganism and tweets useful pieces for living a more fulfilling life. The tweets underline different aspects of the religion, along with events and ways to become involved.
    Visit Their Website: About Pagan/Wiccan

  9. @Witchipedia

    Witchipedia is the foremost source on Witchcraft, Paganism, and the occult. The site provides a useful FAQ for those who need more information on the religion and may just be getting started. Additionally, they help by advising different herbal remedies and financial advice as well.
    Visit Their Website: Witchipedia

  10. @DailyWicca

    Daily Wicca tweets useful tweets daily that highlight the love of witchcraft, Paganism, and Wicca aim to convey. While it is mostly inspirational quotes, they are particularly useful.
    Visit Their Website: DailyWicca

  11. @PatheosPagan

    Patheos Pagan helps look at different elements of Paganism and provides a plethora of great articles, insight into how to best live in the Pagan manner, and also blogs and columns on different issues.
    Visit Their Website: Patheos Pagan

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